Saturday, November 2, 2013

the BM

Today was the Big Move.

What did you think I meant?

Oh.  Shat.

We did smaller moves to the new house the last 2 Saturdays.  Today was the big one.  We moved all the big furniture (except the piano and our mattress) and a bazillion boxes.

What's left, you ask?  All that miscellaneous crap that you have no idea what to do with so you just stare at it as you scratch your ass.

We did have a few moments of note.

The morning started out by opening the damaged box UPS left on my front porch yesterday.  It was supposed to contain my bathroom sink.  Here's what I found.

One rather tall box was stuffed with packing material.  I had to pour my arm and head into the box to clean it all out.  My friend Julie thought that was a hoot and felt compelled to capture it on her iPhone.

Then, as we were emptying the chest freezer, I grabbed my giant box of Hershey's Cocoa and proceeded to decorate the freezer contents with half the cocoa.

You've never seen a chocolate-filled Dyson before?

As Philly was cleaning out the garage attic, a space where I thought only 2 boxes lived, it started vomiting Ducati parts.  I had no idea these parts existed.  They don't belong to any bike we've ever owned.

Philly was a serious rider.

Horrible picture of a picture, but you get the picture.

I was a serious poser.

Yes, that's really me.

We have been Ducati-free for several years now.

These are just some of the Major Awards found in the attic:

But the best had to be when I inquired about the location of my Fisher Price Little People. 

The box came down the hard way.

My half a husband:

The Little People box (and son #1):

Then Philly climbed into the attic and pushed it out like a turd.

(Son #2)

I...Like...Big Boys and I cannot lie.

They are serious muscle.

Oops...ran into the ladder and ripped a piece of trim off.

Eventually, the Little People were saved.

But it was an exhausting day.

So here are my evening plans.

***One final note.  I haven't had much time to visit you guys or respond to your awesome comments.  That will change soon!  I have the best blog friends.  Ever.***


  1. OMG! You are almost there! Won't it be marvelous when you are done-done-done!! :):)

  2. So...the little people are going with you? It's always hard to figure out what stays and what doesn't when you make a move.

  3. Ducati riders? My older brother always wanted a Ducati...but after his motorcycle accident, he gave it all up. He had a Honda something, that was completely destroyed. He came out of that bruised and burned, but no broken bones/neck/back. Anyway, let the unpacking begin

  4. That is why I love you!! ...pushed it out like a turd...lmao...the look on Philly's face is classic!

  5. Seeing that chocolate spilled in the freezer was oddly upsetting to me. I didn't have to clean up the mess so I have no idea why it was so disturbing. Don't ever show me something like that again! LOL Glad you are almost there on the move.

  6. 1. Seriously that whole thing is filled with Little People?
    2. So very sorry about the cocoa casualty. I hate to see good chocolate go to waste.
    3. I did not know you were the black Power Ranger.

  7. Wow you might actually have more little people than me! I wouldn't have thought that possible! Yay for the move enjoy the wine.

  8. You have the weirdest silliest funniest pictures on blogland! From the cocoa filled dyson to your half husband, I laughed all the post long!

  9. Yeah, you are the best for putting a chuckle in our day. Just everyday stuff, and you make it funny. So glad I follow you. Not that I'm a stalker or anything, but you know I have your....what did you call it? The icon thing with the light bulb you were so proud of once? Well, I still have it taped to my desk. And, I save all the return comments from you! See? Not REALLY a stalker, right? (hehe) Dona

  10. Thank you this was a nice post that has left me feeling happy indeed, why you wonder because I am not the one having to deal with moving...................although I wouldn't mind the house you are moving

  11. A chocolate filled Dyson? Lol. And, dang... how many little people are in there? Glad your attic was able to poop it out. Haha

  12. Good God! Both of you had your heads swallowed. At least you're two of a kind.


  13. I want to vomit reading this - too much reality for me Andi - lmao - ours happens in 3 weeks -
    Going to go seal the chocolate now..................
    A severe case of insomia is allowing me to visit everyone today lol -

  14. I'm so happy for you! Sorry about the sink, the cocoa and the little people, but happy for you! Now....stop buying boxed wine! You're too pretty for that!

  15. i would be so cranky about that cocoa! so you are sleeping at the new house?! Do you love it? Or are you too tired and cranky to enjoy it? Who am I kidding, you can enjoy it if you have wine. Cranky or not.

  16. push it out like a turd? EWWWWW! lol. Glad you have your wine to take the edge off tonight. Got some handsome men in your life. Sorry about the cocoa, I'm with many of the other readers, gave me hives thinking about it. I almost spilled an entire jar of veg oil in my pantry. Someone (not me, I'm sure) put it away without twisting the lid on tight. I went to grab it, it tumbled off the shelf and by some miracle, landed upright. I guarantee if I had olive spilled all over my pantry, I would have locked it up and not let anyone go in there, EVER AGAIN. We would have had to move. Thinking about that mess gives me even more hives. Where the hell's the calamine?

  17. I can't get past the visual of you scratching your ass. Yes I can, but only when I'm picturing you pushing it out like a turd.

    Did we meet at the Sorbonne? ;)

  18. Phew I need a glass of wine after reading this post! I feel for you on the UPS sink, and the choc dyson. Love the picture of Philly on the bike!! Your bike pic too! But you know you owe your readers a picture of all the Fisher Price Little People. I need to see this collection. I just read on Facebook that you are homeless now hoping you are all moved in soon!!
    PS Those are some nice looking boys you have there.

  19. Great pics!! LOL Glad your move is almost complete.

  20. It'll all be worth it once you're moved in and settled. Even the chocolate mess! Enjoy your wine... you deserve it! After reading what you and Suzan are going through I might just never move again.


    PS - I had no idea you were such a bad ass. We have a Harley, but I can't pull off the head-to-toe leather thing....

  22. LOL. And don't tell anyone this, but I simply mentioned Dyson in a blog and they freaking sent me that awesome cordless one. Try it. Email 'em. Tell them you love them with the passion of a thousand fiery suns and see what happens. I now love the free cordless one better than my "real" one. End of plea.


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