Saturday, November 16, 2013

casa de 'rents

Who says you can't go home again?

(No really...I had to look it up.)

When we closed on the sale of our old house, the new pad was lacking the following luxuries:

Hot water
A bathroom sink (or any sink)

Now we have both.  So I don't have to wash my hands in the toilet.  Because I do have one of those.  Finally.  In the basement.  Surrounded by stud walls and mountainous piles of bric-a-brac.

My parents were gracious enough to invite us into their rat-infested slum of a cracker-box house.  And by invited, I mean that I said, "Um...Mom...would it, um, be okay if, um, Phil and I and Eddie -- you LOVE Eddie -- and, um, the outdoor cat, stay at your house for hopefullynotmorethanaweekorpossiblytwo...?"

So here's where we were forced to reside for the last week and a half.  What a dump.

Please.  This makes my old garden shed look like the Taj Mahal.  Except for the snow part.

I thought I'd show you a couple things inside the house (that I made) because I'm a shameless self-aggrandizer.

I'm an excellent daughter.  I'm an excellent daughter.

I crocheted that afghan.  And my mom upholstered that couch.

I crocheted that afghan too.

I cross-stitched this family tree for their 50th anniversary and misspelled my sister Maria's middle name.  Shut up.

My sister Diana made these.  They're flowers made out of frosting.  She also made the stained-glass window.  Just when I thought I did something cool, she completely blows me of the water.  Bitch.

Random picture.  No, you may not paint the buffet.

Eddie ruffing it.

It is pretty cold upstairs.  Mom closes that off and doesn't run the heat normally, but she did say we could turn it on.  But I've found I sleep much better in a room where my snot freezes to my nosehairs, so we kept it cold.

My dad apparently has a hamster on a wheel running his internet, and a turtle running the wireless.  I couldn't even get my Kindle to Fire.

In other news, I seriously need to take some time for some personal grooming.  I'm taking the no-shave November thing a bit too seriously.  And not only are my roots screaming to the world that I'm really not a natural Blonde, but that I am, in fact, becoming a natural Gray.

And it smells like something died in my car.


  1. Well, I have no idea how you are going to survive such an inconvenience. How's Eddie faring with all the rats? You spelled your sisters name wrong...bwaahhhhaaa! This amuses me. That's how I roll, too, Andi.
    Way to be, girl!

  2. How did you ever survive? Yuck! Do you think we could stay there, you know ONLY if we HAD to. For a week or two as well? :)

  3. I laughed the entire post, thanks! I'm so sorry to laugh at all your misadventures!!! Your mom likes Eddie, but how does she cope with Phil?

  4. Holy crap you and your family are all super talented! I have a hard time believing those flowers are icing though... Really? Eddie is super cute, he probably needs a sweater for the cold upstairs though ;)

  5. You poor poor girl :( My heart bleeds for you! BTW, I thought you weren't crafty????? Those are beautiful afghans!! And who spells there sisters name wrong....hehe

  6. Um...I CANNOT get past the fact that your parents had five daughters. And your poor brother had five sisters. And your parents are (a) still alive to talk about it, and (b) actually tell some of you that you can come back. I'd be like "HELL no! This is MY house now, dammit!" Which could be why my kids never come home.

  7. Oh...the Horror!! How ever will you survive in such a tiny hole-in-the-wall place? LOL My parents made sure that I could never go home again....they sold the house after I left for college and moved to Hawaii. They are no longer there, bummer!! You are quite the talented family, I am seriously impressed with your crocheting skills. I wouldn't even be able to crochet a coaster let alone blankets. ;) Frosting Flowers? Wow!

  8. Oh my goodness how
    I would love to have to live is such a place....................

  9. glad you didn't have to sleep under a bridge...and glad you did not embrace the no shower November, like you did embrace the no shave one :)

  10. I feel so sorry for you, staying in that crapper. Maybe your parents would like to adopt me? I can be pretty nice, and I wouldn't misspell your sister's middle name and no, I won't shut up and you can't make me.


  11. I'm feeling so sorry for you too! LMAO over spelling your sisters middle name wrong! You made some cool stuff and I do kinda want to paint that buffet!

  12. I don't even know where to start with this post because...well, your family apparently are DIY masters. I want that first crocheted afghan, it looks snuggly. That COUCH was a DIY reupholster? WHAT!?

  13. LOL, you never disappoint! Love it....and all your artsy works of art. Even your misspelled one. ;) And wow, that buffet would be ahhh-mazing painted but even I don't think I could actually bring myself to paint is lovely as is.
    No shave November...yea, I sorta had that going on until I had to attend a function in a skirt last weekend. lol
    Gorgeous home your parents have, btw!

  14. How have you managed?

    I also find it completely interesting when super talented people come from super talented families.


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