Saturday, November 23, 2013

campin' out (we're in!)

In truth, we've been in for an entire week now.

We spent exactly 10 nights at the 'rents house.  Not that they were counting.  Because they knew that when we left...Eddie left.

And they are missing Eddie something fierce I'm guessing.  Heck, I miss him just when I run to the basement to go to the bathroom.

So, I suppose you want pics of the beautiful new interior, right?  Did you catch the part where we're campin' out?

My criteria for moving in were:

  • Hot water in my shower - check
  • One functioning sink - check
  • Functioning toilet - check

Philly hooked up the water softener, turned on the hot water, and I knocked him down in my haste to bring in my personal belongings and Eddie.  Never mind the toilet is in the basement, the sink is in the upstairs half bath, and the shower is in the other upstairs bath.  We like variety in our lavatorial expeditions.

Here's my luxurious toilet.  I love the privacy the walls provide.

Here's the view from sitting on the toilet.

The kitchen cabinets are set.  I'll give you more details in a later post, but the countertops are measured and ordered.  Again, more details to follow.

The flooring is here and on the floor.  But it's still in the boxes so don't get too excited.  I'm thinking of painting the subfloor in the meantime.  Said Andi...never.

I painted every lick of drywall myself.   I primed with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start tinted to match my paint color, and I used Benjamin Moore Regal paint in the Matte finish.  This finish is between Flat and Eggshell.  I didn't want shiny walls, and the paint dude wouldn't let me buy flat.  The paint color is Smoke Embers and I love it.  It's a soft gray and I only feel like I'm in prison a little bit.  But that's probably because of the handcuffs.


Our washer and dryer were supposed to be delivered Tuesday.  "The Guy" was supposed to call me at 11:00 to update me on a time.  No delivery...nada.  When I finally managed to bust through the busy signal on their phone at 4:15, the horse's ass rudely stated, "Yeah, they're not going to make it.  The last install took longer than expected.  That's just the way it goes."

Not in my world.

There's actually a lot more to the story and his horse's assness, but I won't bore you with the details.

Phil called and canceled the next morning, and I had a wonderful experience with a competitor who was polite, professional, and did as they promised.  I washed and dried no fewer than 3,117 loads of laundry in my sparkly new Speed Queens that night.

I do have a floor in there.  It's a click and lock vinyl flooring I ordered from Home Depot.  It's groovy.

The bed is flopped down on the floor in our bedroom. I think those are Phil's pants on the floor right in front of the bed.  Apparently I didn't feel like cleaning up for you.

Our clothes are stuffed into the wall cabinets in the master bath.  Our hanging clothes are hanging in the basement where a makeshift rod has been installed.

Here's my one sink.  You can see the dishes from the boys' waffle breakfast have just been washed and neatly placed on the folding chair.

On our 6th morning we were rudely awakened by a super-loud piece of foreign machinery just outside our house.  It was 5:00 a.m. and it completely freaked me out.

Until I realized it was Gennie.

Yes folks...our little town lost power the 6th morning of our residence.  And at that moment, I was thrilled we spent the extra bucks to hook up our whole-house generator.  I thought about turning on our porch lights just to show off, but I thought a brick through the front window might dampen my excitement.

In other news, it's challenging to prepare food when you have no counter and no kitchen sink.  We do have 2 functioning ovens and my daughter's microwave from her old dorm room.  We have our o-o-o-ld fridge out in the garage so I can keep the beer and wine cold.

I've been buying quite a bit of convenience food.

What have I learned?  When I eat the chicken salad from the Sam's club deli, I can't stand to be around myself.  Yes, there is such a thing as too much garlic.  I've found it's impossible to hold my breath and breathe simultaneously; yet it's necessary.

What else, you ask?  There's such a thing as relying too heavily on Kettle Cooked potato chips for nourishment.


And one more thing.  Last week it felt like we were roughing it.  Today if feels like we're living in the lap of luxury compared to our neighbors in Washington who have lost everything.  Keep the prayers coming!  The football team is in the state playoffs today.  Should be exciting. 


  1. I'm jealous you posted a home tour before me. Love the wall color and kudos to you guys for canceling your washer and dryer purchase and taking your business elsewhere! It been fun seeing it all come together :)

  2. I love that you are a girl who can rough it with the most minimal requirements...cleanliness, good sleep and Lavatorial expedeitions! Is there a badge for that?? Glad you're in girl!

  3. I hope that toilet picture doesn't bring on my toilet dreams, the ones where I need to go while out shopping only to find all the toilets I find have no walls or doors and people can see

  4. I wish I had a nice view from my toilet. I look at the perfectly folded linens on the shelves in the bathroom. Boring.


  5. It will all gradually be completed around you--but you are home! And you guys are lucky to have what you have considering all the pictures I've seen of homes nearby that have been destroyed or damaged. I am so glad you are safe and your new home is safe. :)

  6. Awe Eddie!!! What a sweetheart! Things are looking good. You are such a trendsetter; peeing with a view!

  7. glad you got the basic covered! Soon enough camping out will be over...

  8. It was a really fun post... Now I'd love to tell you how sorry I am for you, but actually I'm jealous. You have two ovens in working order and after 3 years of renovating, I still only have a toaster oven... where all my baking gets done, somehow! Could you send an oven this way??? I really laughed about the washer, because mine was leaking last week, and I had to wait for the repair guy all day last Saturday!!!

  9. You know, I've always felt walls around the toilet were over rated. I think you should just embrace the open air bathroom concept and not enclose it. It's very modern. So glad genny is coming in handy...although I am thinking your neighbors have reason to be suspicious...because until then, they'd never have a power outage. In-teresting.

  10. bahahha, do you know how pleased I am that you got to rub the whole Gennie in the neighbours faces so soon LOL. Love the groovy floor and think of the exercise you'll be getting going from the toilet to the sink LOL

    Not long and it will be all finished and you'll have a beautiful home :)

  11. Your dog is just the cutest with his little tongue always hanging out. And, is that a DOUBLE oven I see? I've always wanted two ovens...

  12. Prison comments = hilarious.

    Kitchen cabinets = gorgeous.

    Eddie = adorable.

  13. THANK YOU for making your tales of hardship into a reading delight for me. Not that I'm unsympathetic about the hardship part.

  14. i feel you girl. we were also roughing it like you to get our butts in the house. but don't worry, soon you will look back and miss that luxurious bathroom...or not :)

  15. If you can pee and do laundry, you'll be alright!
    Haapy Thanksgiving???

  16. Well you made it in for Thanksgiving. Awesome! So much to be grateful for, and it can only get better from here. Eddie is sooo cute! And Gennie started paying for herself already. I'm sure your neighbours covet her like I do. Oh my gosh... a double oven. Only in my kitchen dreams. OK... I covet that too!

  17. Ah...doing dishes in the bathroom sink. Brings back memories of my first condo while under construction when I was 8 months pregnant. With those old asbestos wall, Danny should have been born a mutant. LOVE your privacy walls...LOL.

  18. Oh boy…..I can remember living just like that more than once!! It's so great you have pictures though…don't laugh…you WILL be glad one day to look back and see all you've done! I can see the beauty there already!


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