Thursday, January 23, 2014

hey! you! get off of my chair!

My friend Pam gave me 2 of her ditch treasures.  A cute little pair of wooden chairs she was longing to get out of her basement.

Phil was ecstatic.

Originally I thought I'd sand and stain the seats and paint the frames, but upon inspection, Philly realized the "water damage" to one chair was really from cat pee.

Thanks Pam!  :)  I love cat pee.

He discovered this when taking the belt sander to the seat to remove the yuck.  It was evident in the smell.

Clearly I worked on these prior to having a floor.

So, after much cleaning and sanding, then liberally coating with Kilz, I painted the seats in Duck Egg Blue (my first time with this color--love it!!).  I painted the frames in Old White.

My camera forgot to take in-progress shots.

Then I had a little fun transferring some words and stuff.  I painted the words in a mix of Coco and Old white.  I guess there were just words, no stuff.

Please tell me someone gets this reference.  Anyone?  The only person who has seen it and actually got it (immediately) was my 20-year-old niece.  Surely my British friends get the reference...

And let me just say I have no idea why I chose this particular play on lyrics, because
I'm sorry my British friends 
but I actually can't stand the Stones.

I'll sit here for a bit while you throw stones.

I was originally going to have one chair say, "Sit Here."
The other would say, "Not Here."

But that stupid cloud song kept going through my head.

"Not Here" would have been so much less work.

But there you have it folks!  Cat-pee-free chairs!

***Update!  My good friend Lisa noticed we Phil took the chairs apart instead of painting them as they were.  Phil insisted.  But I'm glad, because it made transferring/painting the letters much easier, plus I didn't want to paint the hardware on the sides of the chairs.***

And for those of you who can tolerate the Stones, but didn't get the reference, here you go.  Or for you weirdos who do like the Stones.

I'm not going to listen to it.



  1. I LOVE these! I reallllly want to try to make over a piece of furniture sometime. I did several years ago, a dresser... but, I haven't since. And, it was sort of a disaster... YET, it was a great learning experience!

  2. Love these Andi-and Duck Egg is one of my faves! You took them completely apart? Now that is dedication! Enjoy your cat pee free chairs!! :)

  3. I'm still puzzling as to why a cat would pee on a wooden chair?

    I'd want the chairs taken apart, too. Hardware or no hardware (but it looks better unpainted) because pee soaks into cracks and crevices. They are truly lovely now!!

    I thought I got the reference but, since I tend to be filled with self-doubt and second-guessing when people ask me questions like that, I wasn't sure until I read farther--LOL! ;)

  4. It was in my head before I ever clicked over to the whole post. And I'm not British, just old. Or maybe my head not butt is always in the clouds?

  5. lol I love these. they are pretty hilarious!

  6. The chairs are gorgeous. Of course I get the reference. You knew I would. I hate cat pee. We used to have a cat named Charlotte who was dumber than a turnip. She would stand over a heating vent and pee into it. Trying to get the odor out was so difficult. I don't think we ever really succeeded.


  7. I adore the chairs! Gonna steal this idea for some I have. don't like the Stones???? Oh, Andi. How can you be my mentor if you don't like the Stones? Sigh. Well, I'll have to consider this. But in the mean time......I'M A ROCKIN' OUT GRANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!! Dona

  8. Those are awesome Andi, they turned out great.....and now I have yet another song stuck in my head! You should seriously look into buying a magic camera that will take those in-progress photos for you, LOL ;)

  9. I love your chairs! Gorgeous color and I love the sayings as well. I did get the reference....I'm an old rocker and I gotta say...I like the Stones...I just don't like looking at them! But I do like looking at your lovely chairs! Well done!

  10. Wow! Those look really great, and I do think not painting over the hardware made more of a difference than I would have imagined. Love the playful words too!

  11. Way to get rid of your junky pee chairs Pam!! haha... But I would say you guys get the last laugh. She probably wants them back now!

  12. I'd throw stones and rocks at you, but I really don't want to buy a new computer again! So you're safe. Also, you're winning points because the chairs are adorable!

  13. Love the chairs, love the Stones. I already know I'm a weirdo.

  14. What generosity. You can't find genuine cat pee chairs just anywhere. These turned out beautifully, and I didn't get the reference. When you said ditch treasures, I immediately was transported back to my childhood, happily playing in ditches. Any and all ditches. I don't think many people know how truly fun ditches can be. In the summer we would swim in the irrigation water in the ditches and cut down all the cattails with giant sheers. And in the winter we would make snow forts in the ditches, complete with tunnels and then have massive snowball fights. Good times.

  15. I LOVE the Stones -
    I LOVE - Get off of my Cloud
    Wow Andi - beautiful job!
    ( when our floors were being sanded that smell permeated everything - it's the absolute worst )

  16. I admit, I didn't get it at first. Once I listened to the song I got it. I'm not a Stones fan either, so no rock throwing here. The chairs turned out cute! Thanks for sharing this at What We Accomplished Wednesdays! Have a super week!


  17. They turned out great!! I think the "not here" would have been totally cute too! Love And isn't the Duck Egg great? Love that color...oh and the hardware not painted on the sides. Looks fab!

  18. you are too much. I think it would have been appropriate to write Not here on the chair that was baptized in cat pee :)

  19. I am with Bliss. Um, yeah, I was singing this before I even opened the post. Very, very cute. And for the record, I do love the Stones, but I have to because I am married to a family who has collectively seen them live at least 100 times. Myself included. And I am not old!

  20. Wow your revamped chairs look brilliant. And I did get reference and now I've got the song running around my head :) Thanks for sharing.
    Ali xx

  21. I love your chairs. I have a stool that I stenciled S I T onto, but my son stole it. I guess I need to make a new one.

    I debated on Duck Egg Blue and Louis Blue for the inside of a cupboard, but I chose the Louis Blue. I have a dresser that needs painting and I think I might go with the Duck Egg blue after seeing how pretty is in on your chairs.

  22. Ugh, cat pee! It is one of the banes of my existence (but of course it will never make me give up my cats). So glad you were able to work around it, so to speak.
    I immediately got the reference--in fact I clicked on the link to this post because of it. And now I have the song stuck in my head. It's never been a favourite for me but at least I don't completely hate it. Yet. hehehe
    Anyway, they turned out great!


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