Sunday, April 9, 2017

reesie piecie: buffet/changing table

I can admit it.

I've been letting Gracie do all the heavy lifting around here lately. What little lifting has been done, anyway.

Phil and I tend to hibernate over the winter and lose all motivation to do anything and everything.

Except eat. We never lose motivation to eat. Because there's delicious wintertime comfort food to be had, and we look forward to putting on our thirty pounds of winter fat.


At least it gives us something to bitch about come springtime.

Nevertheless, I will continue to let Gracie have the run of the blog whenever she feels compelled; but, in the meantime, I have a furniture makeover for you today! And it's about bloody time, because it's for Reese, and she's already seven months old.

Holy poop-filled diapers. How did that happen so quickly? And why am I so late with this project?

Before you know it, Reese will be old enough to see that her Grandi occasionally swears on the blog.

In my defense, the kids have been renovating an old house and they are finally getting ready to move in. So, as far as I'm concerned, I'm not late at all, because I'm a wizard. And, as we all know, a wizard is never late, nor is she early. She arrives precisely when she means to.

Now, onto the buffet.

Only the finest for my grandnugget.

We specialize in furniture that gets drunk and passes out face-down in an alley, can't find its way home, and eventually ends up at our place.

I didn't think I'd be able to save much of the natural wood on this piece since it was in such rough shape to begin with. But, for the first time ever, I was wrong.

I only have one in-progress picture.

I also seem to be devoid of an excuse as to why that is.

My Carpenter Of All Time (I realize Jesus is THE Carpenter Of All Time, but I'm talking about Phil) put this sweet little buffet into a twelve-step program and it came out (almost) completely rehabilitated and ready to go.

Speaking of Jesus, did I mention Easter falls on my birthday this year? It's like a miracle when that happens.

We debated on whether to add a safety barrier around the top of the buffet in order to keep Reese from rolling off. In the end, we decided that wasn't our responsibility, so we just went with a curved foam topper instead.

Aren't we marvelous grandparents?

I was going to buy the topper from Target, but it cost a fortune, and I'm saving for retirement. Additionally, I wasn't identifying as independently wealthy that day, and they had no other option available to me. I looked on Amazon HERE and HERE and they had the same basic setup for much less.

Let's get on with the Reesie Piecie. Speaking of Reese, OMG isn't she freaking adorable?

Watch it. She might punch you out.

Let's get on with it already. 

Phil did the sanding for me this time woohoo! Products used? I got out my trusty can of Varathane Kona stain (that I used on our doors) for the parts I kept woody. I loved the General Finishes Milk Paint I used on my buffet so much, I bought more for this piece in Snow White and Seagull Gray.

The veneer on the top was in pretty bad shape around the edges, so Phil cut some trim pieces to finish it out. This was the only in-progress shot I took:

Are you ready for the finished product? Me too. Wait while I take some pictures.

Thanks for waiting!

Was it worth the wait?

Bunny thinks so.

It got all new hardware and I stained and painted new appliques to make it look a little more feminine.

I also lined the drawers and cabinet with chevron fabric that someone purchased thinking she would make some crafty pillows for her guest bedroom and never did. That someone was probably me, but I can neither confirm nor deny.

That amazing pink color you're seeing is General Finishes Coral Crush.

The top turned out way better than anticipated, thanks to Phil adding that trim!

I used General Finishes High Performance Flat water-based topcoat on everything.

The piece definitely has its imperfections. We're going with "character piece" this time.

I have to say it's vastly improved, however.

How do you change a dang diaper, you ask? Well, first get rid of that silly bunny and plop your changing mat up there. Wizard, remember? A little light reading material always comes in handy for potty duty. A few of my Dr. Seuss faves are ready and waiting.

Of course, having an actual baby up there might help too. Reese didn't bother to drop in for the photo shoot. She probably will appreciate the fact I didn't show her little poopy baby butt anyway.

Well, there you have it! A buffet-turned-changing-table that she'll be able to grow up with and enjoy for as long as she wants it.

One more look at before and after?

I think she'll be pleased.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. So much beautiful!!!! Reese AND the buffet! Fantastical!!!!!!

  2. Oh, my word. Those eyes could steal your heart! Well, I guess they already have yours!! And the changing table!! Timely info on the pad, too. My niece is getting ready for her daughter's first baby and she is re-doing a table for her. I offered to do the pad. So, thanks! Oh, and one more thing....can I have Phil when you are done with him? I'm patient. I'll wait. Dona

    1. Oh just keep trying to steal my man. :P

  3. Gorgeous but tell Reese not to overflow on it so you can use it for something else later on! I love the idea of drawers and a cabinet for a changing table! Just a thought, you could add a Velcro close strap to either the table top or the pad for safety. Of course I never lost a kiddo and never had a proper changing table to use either. I had a new one but it always had diapers and pins and liners etc cluttering it.

    Reese is one beautiful little girl. Gracie too :)

    1. The pad already has velcro straps! I was hiding them to make the picture purdier. Hopefully Humpty Dumpty won't fall off her wall in any case... =D

  4. That turned out amazing!! Reese is too stinking cute...can't believe she is seven months old already!! XO

  5. That can be an heirloom piece for that little princess.

  6. I have the perfect toothless, bald older man for her, weighing in at 16 pounds and I forget how many inches, but at 8 months old size does not matter anyway.

  7. For just a second there, I thought you were going to do a buffet-dance when you got onto it. LOL
    It's gorgeous and so is Reese. Love the contrasting door and drawers.
    :) gwingal

    1. I totally did a buffet dance, but I made Phil delete it! =D

  8. Love the makeover and the baby! I also love reading your blog entry and it warms my heart to see your faith come through your post. Happy Birthday this Sunday!

  9. You guys are wizards!!! *she says mouth gaping*
    And she really is freaking adorable! :)

  10. That's the most beautiful baby in the world. And you had something about furniture . . . I didn't quite notice what it was. Too busy admiring the baby who is going to punch life in the face.


  11. Andi, that changling changing table is almost as cute as Reese. :) Great job!
    Give Reese a hug and a kiss for me. Also one of each for Gracie. :))
    Hugs, Christina in FL

  12. Such a beautiful baby, just had to say that she made me want to squeeze her

  13. I want to squish that baby!! This turned out gorgeous. Every time I look at my bedroom set I want to paint it, and then I realize I have no idea what I'm doing, and then I look at the cute shit you do and I realize I'm jealous of your skills. Hey, fun fact, while in Nazareth I learned that at the time, carpenter would have meant stone worker because that part of Israel is very rocky with tons of caves and few trees. I know, mind blown. Miss you!

  14. Hi Andi, I was thinking of you yesterday and then again this morning so I am compelled to tell you I trust all is well and you are busy with all kinds of wonderful things. :) Hugs to you all! ~ Christina in FL

  15. I love that she can use it long after she stops wearing diapers! It is beautiful, much nicer than the average change table in any baby store! Reese is gorgeous, just like her glamma! Those blue eyes!


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