Sunday, August 4, 2013

please push in my stool {and some visitors}

I have IBD, so yes, that IS a little potty humor for those of you who recognized it as such.

For the rest of us, I got some stools!  My friend Pam (you know...Chair Fairy Pam) saw an ad in the classifieds and immediately investigated for me.  That woman can spend other people's money like nobody's business.

So I got 4 stools for $50.  They didn't exactly fall off the Amish buggy or anything, but they're in like-new condition and have a pretty cool design.  And it was $50 for all four.  Did I mention that?

Here they are sitting around my new island.  I think the stools peed on the floor.

Even Philly likes them.  He was so excited that the fabric was in such good condition that "we" don't even need to re-cover them.

Clearly he doesn't know me very well.

I had a couple visitors recently.  Remember when my Dad stopped by in his Model T, Rusty?

Well, Mom and Dad stopped by the other day with one of their other Model Ts.  Aren't they awesome??  My parents are the coolest.  Literally.  It was Mid-July and they're wearing sweatshirts.

In all fairness, we had a freak cool-snap here in the midwest.

And then I had another visitor.

No, not another carrier pigeon with absolutely zero photographic proof.

Look how cute this little guy is!

Clearly he can read Spanish.


He was so tiny.  He was only about an inch and a half long.

I found him hanging out on an extra bag of shingles.  I'm so glad I didn't accidentally smoosh him.

And my last visitor wasn't so much a visitor as it was really fun mail!  My super-awesome bloggy friend Tracy at Zoe Cottage makes the most beautiful cards!  I must have been overzealous in mentioning how gorgeous they are because she felt compelled to send me some.  

(No, I wasn't trying to ply her with compliments so she'd send me some.
Not as far as you know anyway.)

But aren't they gorgeous??

Sorry...I didn't take them out of their protective plastic covers because I'm a klutz and would have messed them up.

Her attention to detail is amazing!

You can check out her design blog here:

And she has gorgeous handwriting as well and likes to do the pen-pal thing.  (You know...the lost art of actually WRITING on something and putting it in the mail instead of typing it and hitting "send"?)  So give her a shout if you like to pal around!  

Lastly, I've got my cabinets and flooring picked out.  I'm pretty darn close on countertops.  I'll be staining and clear-coating our interior doors pretty soon.  (Like I have a clue what I'm doing there.)

Lots of things have been happening, but nothing pretty or photo-worthy.  Except for our brick.  It's up.  And that post is coming soon...


  1. Do you have an approximate move in date?

  2. Thank you for the shout out! Looks like things are going well for you guys up there!

  3. That invisible island is amazing and your parents are the cutest!!

    1. Isn't that the coolest island ever?? My parents are awesome. :)

  4. Ok have to say this those cars are bloody awesome way back when I was in first class my teacher's husband had a model T and brought it to school and gave all the kids a ride in it I loved it

    1. Aren't they the best? They've also got a Model A (we call it the OOOGA car because of the horn). Dad used to take me and my friends up to the Dairy Queen in the rumble seat. Awesome memories!

  5. I'm loving those cards Andi! How special! What a deal on those stools, I've never seen any that looked like those, so unique!

  6. At least your parents, who really have an amazing car, could sit somewhere while theyr were visiting! But my favourite visitor is that little frog! Did you try to kiss him? Maybe it was a Spanish prince?
    And who did you learn that trick from? Teasing us about the bricks and now showing them to us???

  7. Wow awesome stools and a fantastic car your folks have! Your friend makes very pretty cards!

  8. total steal on those stools! I need a friend who will find me cool stuff! Love that your parents have model T' very cool! And..those cards are so beautiful!

  9. I had the exact same barstools! I had to get rid of mine a few months back after years of toddler-induced abuse.

  10. lol at first im like, ok so she won't recover those? what kind of blogger is she!
    good luck staining. i hate staining. i loathe it. but it's worth it!

  11. Love your parents! My Grandma was just telling me how cold she gets in church...I told her to take a danged sweater in with her. :) Gotta be prepared. What a lucky buy, and of course you're going to re-do them. helloooooo!

  12. Those stools are fabulous!! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Love that car!!

  13. Can't wait for the brick! And I never even knew you could change the fabric of stools until recently. Love, 1987

    1. Oh hey...I just came out of the 1987 ether about a year ago. I think I've only made it up to about 2003, but I'm getting closer...


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