Sunday, July 28, 2013

some stuff

I'm back!  Did you miss me?  Me too.  I've been meeting myself coming and going and the 2 of us don't fit through the door at the same time very well.

Don't you hate it when you take a bath and forget to bathe?  Me too.

I'm a fart in a skillet.  But I have some miscellaneous stuff to share.  If you're not into miscellaneous stuff, my apologies.

Philly doing his best Vanna showing off our new water heater:

It took 2 entire days to assemble the garage doors.  Who knew it would be such a pain in the arse?  To help things along, 2 of the panels were damaged, so Philly called our local Menards and YES!  They are showing one in stock!  Just bring the panels by and we'll swap.  Okay.  Except when he gets door in stock.  One wild-goose chase later (at another [less-local] Menards), he finally comes home with a complete set of undamaged panels.

He loves when he gets to do stuff like that.

See those super-sexy white boards that are framing out the doors?  Yep, that was my fabulous paint project when Philly built me my teeter-totter-see-saw-seahorse boards.

Yay doors!

So I taped off all the window returns and set to painting them.

And I discovered the grave site of a mass suicide.

And I've been obsessing over gray and white paint.
Life was simpler before blogs and paint pressure.

The plumber finished up his work and apparently he did some
soldiering soddering sodomiting soldering.

Either that or the Terminator (Robert Patrick version) was here:


I'm going with the T-1000.  It says he was here.

The brick dude brought his stuff!

And the bricks brought their...bricks!

Our keystones:

What I hope is our street number:

Our window sills:

OH!  Remember when Philly declared his undying affection for me? awesome friend Pam gave me these 2 chairs for FREE to go with my little desk/hutch/thing!!  I now have a total of $12 invested in this set.  I'm gonna take Pam out to lunch, but that's all she'd let me do.  And she's a new granny too!  Congrats!

In other news, Philly and his mistress (Brent) had a visitor the other day.  A real-life carrier pigeon with the little thingy on his leg and everything.

Kinda like a Game of Thrones raven, but not as dark and foreboding.

They kept trying to shoo him out of the garage, and he just kept coming back!

He was SO excited to tell me how I missed the perfect blog opportunity!  Naturally, I sat in breathless expectation for the pictures he took.

Here they are: don't see them either?

I started turning blue waiting for those pictures.  No pictures.

Really??  Thanks Babe.  Way to have my back.

One more thing...Happy 80th birthday to my Aunt Betty Jo!!
Love you Betty Jo!!


  1. Those are the most beautiful garage doors I've ever seen.


  2. The grasshopper did it and is that a banana in the Terminators pocket?

  3. Ok for some reason I thought the doors came in one piece, see I have learnt something I didn't know..........

    1. You and me both!!! And that's even after I went to pick them up and they were in a narrow box. {head smack}

  4. You build garage doors? Hmph. Never knew. Darn. I hate when I miss out on perfect blogging opportunities. Can't wait to see the bricks (on the house that is!).

  5. Oh, my! You're right, it was Terminator that burnt my brand new skirting board under the sink! How stupid of me, I accused the plumber and asked him to pay for it! Now, what's Terminator's number? I need to have a word or two with him!

  6. Still laughing about the bath line! I had no idea how garage doors are assembled because I have no garage! Jealous!

  7. Looks like y'all have been right busy over there! I have a questions, though: Here you have to install gas water heaters 12 inches or so off the floor. They have little metal stands built just for the purpose. Something about fewer fumes or something near the floor--do you not have that code there?

    LOVE the picture of Philly/Vanna. He does it well! :) Happy for your garage doors. I have been in on the installation of those one time and that was enough for me! What a pain!! And HAPPINESS about the chairs to go with your desk/hutch thingy. :)

  8. he needs a Vanna dress!

    also, i like those chairs. but i have a chair fetish soo..

  9. So badly want a raven to come and tell me that Robs death was all a big mistake! Yay for the doors inspire of the hassle

  10. Congratulations Pam!
    Happy Birthday Betty Jo !!!
    That mass burial site was too gross for words - yuck!!!
    Love the shot of Philly - Vanna lol - he looks soooo happy!

  11. Not gray paint!!! This last winter we went through that. Gray is a *whisper* bitch to pick. Let me tell you mine, maybe you'll like it, I only bought 50 samples before I came across it. Sherwin Williams Misty. We actually reduced it, because I can't be trusted to pick paint, but it's a very pretty color and comes off as gray...not purple...or beigish gray, but actual gray. Good luck!

  12. The garage doors look great. No home improvement project is complete without some runaround from Menards :). Can't wait to see your next progress report.

  13. I love playing the paint chip game. I could play for hours, and days, and weeks even. Oh wait... I think that's called procrastinating. Your doors look fabulous, and I thought maybe his pics were just super duper close ups. lol. I have no clue but carrier pigeons are white... aren't they???


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