Thursday, April 7, 2016

andi's pantry project {part 1}


Here at Eddie's house, we call the pantry project "Andi's Panties." I thought better of using that as a title because of all of the Creepy People it would undoubtedly bring this way.

Welcome, Creepy People.

Nonetheless, that's what Phil has dubbed the pantry.

Normally, I like to wait until a project is close to being finished before I start posting about it, because I'm very aware of all the things I may have started and have never finished. But we're tearing through this like a herd of turtles, so I'm feeling confident.

You may recall the glorious state in which the pantry has existed for, oh, two-and-a-half years.

Isn't it amazing??? My training as a professional organizer really paid off.

First of all, this is a 60"x66" room. Therefore, it's difficult to get my butt and a camera in the same space to take decent pictures. Perhaps I'll employ a starving photographer with a wide-angle lens to take pics at the very end.

For now, you must suffer through mine.

Oh! Whomever is the first to guess the pantry theme wins a bag of Cheetos that you must go and purchase yourself.

Ready? Step One: Clean out your pantry and load all your crap on your front porch like a hillbilly and make all your neighbors mad.

Just kidding. It's not hillbilly at all.

Step Two: Do a hideous job painting your ceiling red and take an even worse picture. And actually include it in your blog post.

Step Three: Remove all flooring because your husband was kind enough to offer to put in whatever flooring you want because you're a spoiled rotten brat.

And remove the baseboard. Also paint a seemingly random white stripe around the room.

I don't know about you, but I'm already sick of listing steps.

Here's where it gets interesting. We had to buy a recessed light conversion kit because we had...wait for it...a recessed light. This one from Home Depot is the bomb, and we also used it to mount the chandi in my master closet.

Pick out a kick-ass light fixture and try and get a somewhat decent picture.

Doesn't it rock?

So cool! You can find this fixture HERE

Grab some wine.

Don't let Eddie have too much or he'll look like this:

All while your husband cuts holes in the wall to add an additional outlet:

And then let him patch the wall back up!

Have another sip of wine and ask, "What the L is that?"

Bad, I know.

Coming up next on Andi's Panties:

Cabinets!  Here's a sneak peak!

And flooring we're NOT keeping!

What's the theme? Can you guess? Stay tuned...

Check out Part 2 HERE!


  1. I was going to guess a Dog Bar when I saw drunk Eddie passed out, but now I see the coffee shop hint so that must be it. I'm off to get my Cheetos!

  2. Just when I pull myself together, I click over here from facebook to find you talking about panties! (well, not really)

    I feel like the theme is obvious (and very cool) obvious, in fact, that I am not sure what it is. Like it's nestled in my brain, this great guess of mine, but I can't seem to coax it out! Johnny Rockets came to mind, as does Five Guys...burger joints! (Joints? To go with your Pot Rack?)

  3. My dream is to have a big pantry! lol! I can't wait to see after pics and I can't figure out the theme, so don't take too long to share!


  4. I have no idea what you are doing, I'm stumped even though when I saw the red my mind went right to black and white floor that you're not keeping.

  5. my first thought was a bordello, or speak easy i hate cheetos unless someone feeds them to i don't want my fingers all orange ha ha xx

    1. I don't like Cheetos either! I have no idea why I made that the "prize." I love the idea of a bordello, but I'm thinking there's not enough room...

  6. Ok, I'm going with a racing theme. I see checkered flags and red flags and yea, I'm from Alabama.

  7. So, you're putting a coffee bar in your pantry?
    Instead of Cheetos, can I win Cheezits that I have to buy myself instead?
    Apothic Dark is the bomb.

  8. Theme? For a pantry? Uh, FOOD! Italian bistro food! I'll buy myself the LARGE bag of Cheetos, thank you very much!! Dona

  9. Showing a sneak peek of a floor you aren't keeping is evil!

  10. When I see checkerboard in the room me of 50's roller skates,poodle skirts, leather jackets and AAAAAA! Ya I went there...anyhow look forward to seeing the end results! ;) luv cheetos...

  11. Theme pre or post reno? Pre looks like post apocalyptic desert, all the water storage. ceiling, white stripe, nixed checkered flooring, coffee sign...gotta be French patisserie. Ooh la la.

  12. Theme pre or post reno? Pre looks like post apocalyptic desert, all the water storage. ceiling, white stripe, nixed checkered flooring, coffee sign...gotta be French patisserie. Ooh la la.


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