Monday, April 25, 2016

the long-awaited flag pole

Happy Monday! I know I've left you hanging on the pantry project, but we were infected with a sudden burst of Spring and were compelled to act upon it.

I've wanted a flag pole longer than there've been fishes in the ocean. There's just something about seeing Old Glory waving in the breeze that always brings a tear to my eye and a squeeze to my heart. I can't listen to the Star Spangled Banner being sung (well) without getting all choked up.

My research assistant (and resident hole digger) found just what we wanted. We purchased a telescoping pole and flag from Uncommon USA, Inc. The poles and flags are made here in the States (as they should be!).

The Hole Digger digs! I love watching a man work.

The ever-present foredog looks for things to eat and checks on progress. Mostly he looks for things to eat. Like fresh, delicious cat poop.

Rock is added to the bottom of the hole for drainage, and the sleeve is set before the concrete is poured:

Checking for plumb:

And now we wait.

Okay, we've waited long enough! The concrete has set, and it's time to add the pole and flag.

Isn't my flag-man handsome?

That's a solar light at the top. We ordered it from the same company along with the pole and flag. It eliminated the need to run power because the flag has to stay illuminated at night.

You know this is the part where I make a crass joke about Philly playing with his pole.

Honestly, I was pretty emotional at this point. Have you ever watched the flag go up for the very first time? It was quite moving.

At this point, the tears came. Can you believe that sky?

Glory is glorious, indeed.

I could have waited until Memorial Day or the Fourth of July to post this, but Glory would not be denied.

I stumbled across this recording of the National Anthem. I love a cappella harmonizing and these gentlemen do a tremendous job. Enjoy!


  1. If I'm lucky I can keep a few tears from falling till the last stanza, all the while barely being able to sing the words from choking those tears back.

  2. A solar light on a flag pole is brilliant.

  3. okay i have a lump in my throat the size of a grapefruit thanks andi xx

    1. Wasn't it amazing?? I just listened again and my goosebumps have goosebumps!!!

  4. I did not know flag poles needed to be lit at night?! Your solar light is perfect. :)

  5. It is beautiful. Well done Mr. hole digger.

  6. Well, getting all emotional over the singing at the end, certainly took any thoughts of the digger's lovely bum! Also love, love, love that you guys know the flag should be lit if flying at night. Some people should have to take a test on how to treat the flag before they are allowed to buy one. (OK. Off the soapbox, Grani) Thanks! Dona

    1. It's an amazing arrangement, isn't it? Yes, gives me chills! And as for the flag, it gets me every time I turn onto our street. Day or night. I'll give Philly a pat on the rump for you. ;)

  7. Isn't it great to have husbands that can do all of our dirty work for us? Ha! Oh, and I just wanted to share with you that I got in! I'm running that darn Chicago Marathon thing in October! Eek!


  8. It looks very nice flying there on that cool pole. Sorry, it doesn't make me weepy... I'm Canadian! So, do you not bring it in each night, is that why it has to be lit up?

  9. That is so sweet Andi! Your very own flag. I want one too but with a maple leaf...and a solar light!! Genius!

  10. Philly's Done Hooters has quite a pole. I had to get that out of my system. Recently, I drove past a store and saw that the flag in front had fallen on the ground. If I could have stopped without creating a twenty-car pileup, I would have parked and run over to pick up the flag. The flag was never more beautiful to me than at my father's funeral as the soldiers took the flag from his coffin, folded it precisely, and presented it to my mother. Now I'm ready to cry. He died on Memorial Day. Next month we observe twenty-five years without our tower of strength. Thank God my son looks like him. My father is present in his grandson.


  11. I would love to have a flag pole with a flag but Tim isn't interested at all

  12. Now I think I need a pole... for the Breton flag... what were YOU thinking?


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