Wednesday, June 1, 2016

andi's pantry project {part 4 - reveal!}

This is it. The big one. The one you have all been waiting for.

Well, I have anyway.

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If you're looking for Part Four, you've come to the right place. I was planning to break this into two posts, because there is a TON of content.

But I've had death threats.

So get comfortable and read on. Want a sneak peek?

Here's where we left off. The concrete countertops have been poured, polished, and sealed.

Next up? Backsplash. I originally wanted a diagonal pattern, and while I'm quite certain Phil believes I intentionally choose things in order to make his life miserable, I really don't. And to prove I'm easy, I acquiesced to his request to keep the tiles square to the room.

Here's the pattern I ultimately decided on:

Adding some pure white grout:

After a sponge bath.
The tile got one, too.

So bright and shiny.

More cabinets!

I work that man like a house elf.

Allow me to take a moment and explain these cabinets. They are Conestoga ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets we purchased from the Cabinet Joint. No, we didn't get any compensation and we didn't get anything for free. (I have yet to discover exactly how that's done.) We just loved the cabinets we built for the kitchen and wanted the same quality for the pantry. They're all domestic wood (no particle board) and made in the USA.

The pieces came raw (you can get them painted, but we're cheap), and we primed and painted everything before Phil assembled them. The white is Benjamin Moore Advance Satin White. The red is Behr Premium Plus tinted to Glidden Candy Apple. I believe the total came to eighty separate pieces of wood.

Eighty. For ten pantry cabinets. You should have seen our basement with all those pieces parts lying around.

But let's keep things moving, right? Once my favorite house elf was finished building, this is what we had.

Are you ready? I'm so excited I think I just peed myself a little bit. Have you locked in your final answer on what you think the theme will be?

Did I toy with you when I showed you the sneak peek? Yes I did. While coffee (especially Irish coffee) is an extremely important element in anyone's life, the main theme of Andi's Pantry is...

The Real Thing, Baby! I love my Coca-Cola Pantry!

This is my favorite space in the house.

I'm just going to show you a ton of pictures now, m'kay?

I've always loved Coca-Cola's iconic brand.

I rarely drink soda anymore, but when I do, it's ONLY Diet Coke.
Gosh. I must be The Most Interesting Blogger in the World.

See that china? (Well, of course you see it.) It belonged to Phil's mom, Fran. I finally get to display it! definitely plays an important role in this pantry.

My sister calls this my "Sleeping With the Enemy" cabinet.

Plenty of room for cookbooks and chocolate-covered walnuts.

I know you've been wondering about Eddie. He's supervising as always.

Are you getting tired of looking yet? Me neither. I could look at this room all day. In fact, I did. And I'm about ready to get back to it, so finish up, will ya?

Because it's time for rum & coke:

But I have to say I'm dedicating this little piece of paradise to our sweet Nancy. She loved Diet Coke just as much as I do, and I know she would have gone bonkers over this pantry.

Sweetie, this one's for you!

Let's revisit, shall we? Poor, sad little pantry.

The most freaking amazing awesome pantry of all time!

Phil worked so hard and did such an amazing job bringing my vision to life, and I am really quite proud of my design. I don't usually toot my own horn, but I'm pretty much tooting away like crazy over here right now.

This is my favorite project. Ever. Thanks for coming along for the ride and hanging in there with me! And can you believe it? A wine-free post! I didn't think I could do it! I'm off for a celebratory glass!

Oh. I didn't make it after all, did I...

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  1. a bordello would have been fun but this is wayyy better love it xx

    1. I'm so glad! I just keep walking over there and standing inside and looking at it. It's magnificent. =D

  2. This is AMAZING!!! Absolutely LOVE it!!!

    1. Thank you!! Yep, I'm completely in love with it myself!!

  3. At last! It's so fun! Does Eddie like it? I love those old canisters. Where is this Diet Coke you speak of??? I only see the booze that you put in it.
    I'm thrilled that it turned out the way you envisioned- that's such a great feeling, isn't it? Good work, Philly!

  4. Love it. Glad it wasn't a pepsi inspired room , wouldn't look half as great x

  5. WoW!!!!! Have a Coke and a smile, indeed!!!!! (Um, fyi, I know a certain someone who would send you an antique Coke bottle if you don't have any)

  6. Looks great, Andi! Glad we ( and Conestoga) could be part of the project with you!

  7. Aha! Now the red and white makes sense. My son would totally agree with you on Coke being the best. I, myself, am a Pepsi lady. I know-I know--there has been a ton of good-natured banter and teasing over the years between us. Anyways, I LOVE IT!!! This the the best pantry ever!! I love all the Coke memorabilia you have collected and the red coffee pot! ENJOY!! I'd be catching myself gazing often. :)

  8. Gorgeous and very cheerful! As always, a fun post to read. I'm sure Nancy is smiling from Heaven! I love your watching your ideas come to life!

    1. Thank you so much Michele! I miss Nancy so much and I know she would have LOVED LOVED LOVED the pantry!!

  9. Way cool. I love it! Good thing Eddie supervised. You humans couldn't handle the job alone. Definitely the best pantry I've ever seen.


  10. Looks fabulous Andi! So bright and fun... like you.

  11. It looks amazing! Philly did a fantastic job of bringing your beautiful plan to life! I wish I had a pantry! I'd even take one that looked like your before! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Giselle! I'm completely in love with it!

  12. Such a happy pantry! It looks awesome!

  13. It's fantastic! So jealous of all of the space and organization you have in your pantry! Great design and layout too! I personally am a Coke 0 girl, but I'd get you 😎

  14. you are crazy in such a fun way. LOVE reading your blog. Pantry is great-never guessed.

    1. Thanks Wendy! I'm so very happy to have you here!

  15. and your pantie lol

  16. I love it! youe did an amazing job!

  17. Absolutely amazing! Worth waiting for! long do you think it will stay all neat and tidy? Show us pics in a month or two. (evil laugh) Dona

    1. Isn't that the truth!!! I've already taken out a couple of the decor pieces to make room for the real crap I need to have in there. But it's so darn cute in there, I just might keep it clean. ;)

  18. Well heck, I didn't leave a comment. I think the one I composed in my head was it's awesome but I never guessed Coke, but diner was close.

  19. HOLY CRAP ANDI!!! That is freakin amazing!!! I want a house elf too....can I get one on E-Bay?

  20. That is so cool!! I was dang close!! But really had no clue as to the coca cola theme! Fantastic!!

  21. How did I miss this?? I was right...Coca Cola!! It looks amazing, and it's such a cool space from top to bottom!!

  22. Well, this explains why you didn't paint the back wall. I like open shelving, too. This is wonderful, you 3 did a bang-up job.

    1. Aww, thanks! Yep, I just walk in there and stare and drool.

  23. This looks amazing Andi. Your pantry looks creative. I do really love your open shelving as well. This is my first to come here in your blog but it's just so entertaining. Thanks for sharing this one.


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