Tuesday, June 14, 2016

the hutch (or...g*#d@%%!# andi! part 2)

If you remember my original post about this sweet little hutch, you've been with me a very long time. I honestly don't know much about furniture, so I'm calling it a mid-century style hutch.

Is it a desk? Is it a hutch?

Oh, let's compromise and call him Dutch.

Hello All, meet Dutch:

Would that make Phil Dutch's Uncle?

The above photo was the day after his all-night bender (Dutch's, not Phil's). Here's how he looked before, all crashed out in the bed of the truck. I think it cost me $12 to get him out of lockup. Phil was not thrilled. But he came around.  :)

I refused to post bail for the old toilet rug.

Dutch sat in the basement for nigh on three years while I got down to more important business. Like improving my personal best times on my sudoku app.

Dutch finally wore me down, as most cute furniture dudes with sexy legs do. I sanded and scraped, and sanded some more. I believe the desk surface is a walnut veneer, my favorite species ever. Unless Schnauzers were a species. Then those would be my favorite.

And since I mentioned Schnauzers, here's your Eddie fix for today!

Time to get busy with it. Behr Marquee in satin black and GF Java Gel.

Let's take a moment and check out the corner where Dutch will be squatting. It was previously occupied by my daughter's desk that I made over for her. It has since gone back to live with her. Unfortunately, she didn't also take the cat.

Seriously, go check out that desk post. I'd forgotten about it and it just made me laugh my generous ass off. And I usually hate going back and reading my old posts.

For you lazy bums who won't go read that post, here's the messy, non-staged corner that is blogging central:

And presenting . . . Dutch! 

And you know you've missed that clock.

It's hard for me to get good pictures because I have windows allowing light in on both sides, but Dutch is back in the corner not getting any. He doesn't get much light, either.

He gets plenty of glare, however.

Dutch's really nice, woody parts got stained, and the rest got paint. 

The light-colored back portion got three different colors of paint before I was satisfied. Actually, I'm not sure I love it yet, but if I add any more paint, there won't be room left on the shelves. I ultimately painted it the pale yellow I used in my master closet.

Did you see my owl sitting atop Dutch's noggin? That's Al the Owl. (If you're new here, I have an owlbsession.)

My sweet friend Tracy is an awesome artist and she made him for me as a housewarming gift. Thanks Tracy! She lives in Oklahoma and said his name is Al because he's made of Alcohol ink (and because that's how they pronounce "owl" in those parts). Haha!

And what about those awesome Coca-Cola bottles? My other sweet friend Andrea (yes, I have only two friends) sent them to me as a gift for my Coca-Cola pantry! I have the best blog friends ever!

She actually gave me four bottles, but Dutch is a dirty little thief who stole two of them so he'd look cuter in these photos. It worked.

Okay, I lied. I have a third friend who gave me a coaster. What does that have to do with anything?

Now I have a nice place to sit and drink.


I definitely meant to say blog. Not drink. Oh, who am I kidding?

But this coaster is far more appropriate, don't you think?

This coaster was from my sister. Does she count as a friend?

Definitely my friend:

Let's take a last look, shall we?

Dutch is quite a treat now, don't you think?


  1. Just beautiful... love the paint and the wood in combination.

  2. Hi Eddie! You get cuter every time I see you! As for Dutch...he's awesome!! I've seen lots of paint/wood combos, but they are usually light paint and dark wood. Love this dark/dark combo! You dun GOOD, girl! And I checked back on the desk post and found that I actually did follow you then (cuz I left a comment). And I asked you a question and you never answered it. So I'll repeat. What is GFC? I checked out the cat, too, and found that I didn't comment, but do remember the post so I must have been around then, too. Beautiful cat, I'll tell you! So did you ever go back and paint the bottom pieces of the desk that you missed? Thanks for the lovely trip down memory lane! Dona

    Maybe I need a life. (hehe)

    1. GFC? OH!! Google Friend Connect (the older way to follow blogs). Up towards the top on the right there's a widget that says "join this site." Following through your dashboard. I think most people follow by e-mail these days. :) And yes, I totally fixed the spots I missed. And that cat is going to outlive us all.

  3. Damn, girl! You just get better and better! I don't know if it is the wine, experience, smart mouth or what but you sure did it up right with Dutch! Wish he were mine! sigh......

  4. Always good to see Eddie. :)
    This was worth waiting for!! Although I guess I wasn't around three years ago. I was around for the daughter's desk redo, though. ;)

  5. Dutch's previous owners are kicking themselves because they had beheld the potential of his current grandiose-ness but failed. Beautiful! And how did I miss the pantry reveal? I must have been abducted by aliens that day. It's beautiful! Glad my clock found a prominent perch.

  6. Andi, I'm new to your blog, and how I LOVE YOUR HUMOR!!!! The job you did on "Dutch" is perfect!!! What a great eye you have, in saving it and rejuvenating it,,wow!

    1. I'm so happy to have you here! And thank you!!


  7. Dutch is all grown up and quite handsome with his new update. Not as handsome as my Eddie, but who can compete with that face anyway?
    Alcohol ink? You aren't licking it are you? Stay away from the artwork, girl!
    I'll say it again- I'm so glad you're back. <3

  8. Hi, Eddie! Hi, Dutch! You look good. I need a place to sit and drink. Oh, I have it. It's any chair or couch or bed in the house. Your keyboard needs to be washed out with soap. It's implying that you use dirty words.


  9. I'm in love with Dutch, he's stunningly handsome now and probably being drooled over as we speak! Beautiful job!!!

    1. Thanks Amy! He's positively glowing over your remarks!


  10. This turned out great and that is before you added all of the really cool decorations on it from friends/family, etc.! And, that coaster is so true! I am thinking about working on our coffee table, which will be a sanding nightmare... if only I was as motivated as you to get stuff done!


  11. I love the way Dutch turned out! I went back and reread all about that Damn Cat and your adversities so it took me awhile to see the result but it was worth the effort! I love your blog, it always makes me laugh no matter how many times I read it! I think you should write a book! Of course with pictures of Eddie and the cat! I can't wait for the next instalment!

  12. I can't even believe it's the same piece of furniture. You did an excellent job.

  13. You are a miracle worker girl!! Dutch looks fabulous!! May have to send some pieces your way for you to make over for me! Ha Ha ....No I wouldn't do that to poor Phil! ha ha.... Yes the clock has been missed!

  14. Dutch is stunning!!! Your work is really amazing, and this piece will be treasured for years to come! Now go drink some wine, I mean blog. ;)

  15. Wow!!! I love Dutch's woody! Hmmm, wait, I was thinking about whether he ever got any....LIGHT!!! Stop it! I am delirious here...lack of sleep and thrill of mention on this here blog.

  16. It's amazing what paint can do! I didn't even notice it had glass doors till you painted it. It looks a thousand times better and modern! Great job there crazy lady :)

  17. It's amazing what paint can do! I didn't even notice it had glass doors till you painted it. It looks a thousand times better and modern! Great job there crazy lady :)

  18. Gorgeous! So glad you kept the glass doors, and Al looks quite proud on his perch. :) tm

  19. My, I love when a man, sorry a hutch, sorry Dutch, dresses up with black pants!


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