Wednesday, October 12, 2016

i like big decks and i cannot lie {part three}

It's officially mimosa time.

Why does everyone say "sip mimosas"? I heard these words fall out of my own mouth, and the lie echoed loudly in my ears. Let's slam mimosas. Because at least that has the ring of truth to it.

And I'll have none of that pulpy orange juice. If it doesn't flow willingly down the gullet, it tends to slow down (and, thus, ruin) the experience.

Better yet, let's make mimosas with apple cider, vodka, and bubbly. Because fall has arrived. My daughter, Emma, found this recipe and we had to try it out. Yum yum. 

I love drinking with children.

Remember where we left off? It feels like the last deck update must have been at least thirty-six days ago.

And, of course, this happened in the meantime:

If you recall, we were three boards short, and as much as we enjoy leaping small chasms in a single bound, we went ahead and ordered the necessary supplies. In the meantime, Phil continued his labors and began installing the railing:

A little more railing and some magically-appearing boards!

No post is complete without a butt sticking up in the air.

Here was our foreman for the day. He kept his butt way down:

He (she?) made sure lots of things were accomplished while I was busy slamming mimosas.

We're getting awfully close now.

Our foreman kept sending in replacements.

But our most important foreman was able to oversee the final touches:

The last piece has finally been added, and Phil takes a much-deserved break. Do you see Eddie?

This deck has been approved by that damn cat.

And by the local Sneaky Raccoon Society.

Clearly, they think Phil built the Raccoon Stairway to Heaven.

This post is becoming longer than I thought possible, but just a few more things before you go. We found some furniture on clearance at the local patio stuff store, and now I feel like I'm on vacation every time I come out here. Which is a lot.

Eddie and Izzy love the deck.

Look closely at their shadows. Just do it.

Eddie stares longingly out of his prison cell at our sexy shed and John Deere zero-turn. Dog got his priorities straight once he got his nose out of the cat's ass.

Mashed potatoes on the deck are even more delicious than fresh vomit.

We had the fam damily over for a cookout a couple weekends ago, and we had beautiful weather.

Guess who was the star of the show?

Yep, you guessed it. Me.

Oh, and Emma's photobombing boyfriend.

Baby Reese did spend some quality time screaming at her daddy (my son):

Most likely because he wouldn't give her any of the delicious pie Grandi made:

Remember when I mentioned mimosas a hundred years ago at the beginning of this post? Emma and I certainly enjoyed them. And Eddie had so many he passed out and I had to prop him up for this photo opportunity.

I'll leave you with my current view, because this is what I find so relaxing after watching Phil work himself nearly to death over the summer.

Oh wait. Wrong view.

Doesn't that look so peaceful?

The leaves have just begun to turn, and I fully intend to spend some time enjoying the trees' metamorphosis.

Part One is HERE.
Part Two is HERE.

I will most likely have a Part Four next year after we deck out the deck.

And we still have steps to build from the kitchen to the patio, as well as the Fire Pit Project. But those will all occur after the snow flies and melts.

Happy fall, my friends!


  1. Dammit all to hell. I hate you so much for getting a grandchild before I get one. Life is so not fair. My deck is falling apart. Thanks a lot people who owned the house before and screwed up half of what you did. Your deck furniture is way nicer than mine. I hate you for that, too. And drinking mimosas with your daughter in front of me? Stab me in the heart. Go ahead. Twist the knife. Kill me. I might as well go before dementia sets in and the deck has to be replaced. At least when I hit full-on dementia I'll say, Who the hell owns this crappy deck that needs to be replaced?

    I hate you, but I love you. Send the mimosa truck. Please.


  2. My deck envy is even greater than the arbor envy the clematis here had. And I want pie!

    Look at that baby!!!!!!!! You too, Eddie, of course! And hi izzy!

  3. Laughed out loud. That shadow picture, OMG!

  4. Love your resident bugs, except the spider. It is because of being terrified by that very species at the age of 4 that I hate spiders! But the Praying Mantis and Stick bug are lovely. Of course, so is the deck, the baby and Eddie, but other people have mentioned them and I thought the bugs needed some attention too!

    1. The bugs have fascinated me this year! And we have TONS of those garden spiders too. I despise the ugly, creepy spiders, but I find the garden spiders beautiful! They don't freak me out since I know they're not dangerous to people and they're beneficial to the whole garden habitat. Otherwise, I'd probably going around smashing them like a madwoman. =D

  5. The deck is fabulous and the new baby is just plain exciting to behold!! Happy mimosa, Grandma!! ;)

  6. Tiny Baby! Big Deck. You got a good guy there!! The deck is stunning. And your Eddie is quite the handsome fellow.. Thanks for sharing your happy life with us!

    1. Ha! Tiny baby, big deck! Yes, he worked SO hard on that deck and it's beautiful! And Eddie is def a handsome fellow. :)

  7. SCHWEEEET DECK!! Love the new family member and what a cutie! How does Eddie like the new homo sapien? Mimosas aren't my fav so I'll have to try the new recipe. That said, rock the deck!!! ~ Christina in FL

  8. Well, looks like everything has been covered in previous comments, deck, bugs, Eddie, cat....what's left for me? The view? Gorgeous. Oh, I know! The butt! Even though it's not the best view, thanks for adding it. How about YOU? You are just the cutest little thing I've seen in ages! How's that? Dona

    1. Awww, shucks ma'am!! And yep, I knew you'd appreciate the butt shot, even if you couldn't see much of it! =D

  9. Dagnabit. It's 8:20 a.m. and I'm off to the liquor store to get caramel vodka and champagne. You have quite the cozy nirvana yard.

  10. Where to many things to say. Reese! You are a lucky, lucky woman. I wonder, how does King Eddie feel about Mama's new grandbaby? He's clearly been distracted with Izzy and her backside.
    The deck is fabulous! Philly worked so hard to give you a place to drink outside. What a guy.
    I like your bug infatuation. I myself collected a dead dragonfly today. I took his picture yesterday when he was alive and today he's dead. Oh well, he's mine now and will go under my cloche of dead things on a rock.
    Enjoy your porch and that sweet Reese. Oh, and your boozy caramel beverage.

  11. You have a very nice son. When my grand baby was born (23 yrs ago), I wasn't allowed mimosas if I wanted to hold him. But, they're so good and I need to try this recipe. Lovely deck, view, stick bugs and butt. Poor Eddie, still trying. Love the pic of you and Reece. Bet Eddie is jealous of the Princess. Rock on!

    1. Oh my....My son knows me well enough to know that there will be wine! And mimosas!! Eddie isn't very jealous...he's old and nothing much bothers him anymore. Except going to the vet. =D

  12. i so enjoy your post. i too am jealous of grandchild, and deck. and mimosas...
    your view is something to be green over as well.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit! I'll pour a mimosa for you next time. :P

  13. That deck looks amazing and if it's been pet & raccoon approved, I say it's a sure sign it's a great deck!

  14. That mimosa is calling my name!

    And the deck is pretty too.
    ;) gwingal

  15. I'm sorry but you look way too young to be a grandmother! I am so wanting your deck! I'd also like a grand baby but I too, am far too young! Lol! Ok, maybe not but my daughter is only 15 so I am definitely going to wait! (And she better too! Lol!).


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