Tuesday, May 14, 2013

holy giant hole batman!

Well, the day has finally arrived.

Andi has a new hole.  Andi's Hole.

We'll call it A-Hole for short. 

We arrived bright and squirrelly to find the guys already there and starting to get their stuff ready to go.

If you've never seen an excavator in operation, let me tell you...it's an art form.  And that's just getting it off the back of the semi trailer.

I took some awesome video on my digital camcorder.  If we knew how to get usable video off of it, that would make it even awesomer.  Perhaps another day.

But watching the excavator was absolutely mesmerizing.  That dude would simultaneously turn the cab one direction, drive the whole rig in another direction, and swing the bucket.  It was like watching a crab skitter across the hot sand with his front claws up in the air balancing its prey precariously over its head.

Only a lot bigger.

Is that thing for real?  It's a Yeti Crab.  Seriously.  I tried to find a crab carrying its prey over its head and I found this.  No way.


You met Culvert yesterday.

Here's Philly riding Culvert like a guy on a culvert. Or perhaps that's his version of a pole dance.   Culvert is now having an identity crisis.

And now Philly's in the bucket.

I'm married to Where's Waldo.
They started by grading the driveway, and then a couple loads of gravel were dumped and spread around.

They buried Culvert.  I don't know if he's relieved or not.

Then they dug a hole that resembled a grave in a most disconcerting way.  This is where they hooked up to the city water.

I guess it's a Water Hole.

 Then out to the back of the lot where they connected the gravity drain to the existing tile.

Whoa...I'd be esceered to go down there!

They dug that trench all the way up to where the house will sit and laid their pipe.  Then, like a cat burying its business, they covered up their mess:

Now.  The Main Event:  The A-Hole.

The first scoops.

Gratuitous Butt Shot:

A little more progress:

Philly trimmed my lilies for me:

Those boys just kept a-diggin...


 Holy crap that's a big hole.

I am a rock, I am an iiiiii-sland.

Here's a view from on top of spaghetti.

Great.  There's a hose in my hole.

And to top it all off, I've got piles.



  1. Piles near the Ahole and butt shots that's one interesting house you're building :)

  2. OK - I'm seriously laughing at loud - what an A-Hole you can be sometimes Andi ( in a good way - a very very good way )

  3. So excited for you and your BIG HOLE!!! :)

  4. What a great A-hole you are, sorry, have! And thanks for the butt shots, it never hurts!

  5. That's most I think I'll ever enjoy a post about a hole! Especially an A-hole!!! :)

  6. breaking ground was sooo exciting for us...i am sure you guys were jumping for joy!!! looks like you had some fun too

  7. Oh my goodness, how funny! That is one big hole :). Loved your pictures and your introductions to each picture!

  8. Andi you are so hilarious! I'm up at 2 in the morning and I'm cracking up! Love the gratuitous butt shots...and the Paul Simon ref., and the pic of Philly on culvert. But mostly I love that you now have a really big A-hole!!! Here you go girl!

  9. OK, I'm not even gonna mention the hose and piles issue, or the butt shots, pole dancing, and I'm finding it hard to phrase how to offer my sympathies on the wet mess in your hole too.



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