Saturday, May 18, 2013

wet, this

Between the rain and our completely unreliable concrete people, we aren't much further in our quest.

If you missed how the A-Hole came to be, you can see that here.

Here's a quick update.

We had a little rain.  Not enough to stop forward progress.  After much badgering, the concrete slugs showed up to build the forms for the footings.  I guess they decided just bringing the forms was more work than they could handle and left for the day.  And never came back.

Then we got more rain.

The giant hole is wet.

I guess they brought their hose too.  Actually, it's called tile, but I'm not using that for my bathroom floor.  Ugly.

Last, but not least, we bought a sump pit.  Now, we are having a gravity drain that runs from the house all the way to the back of the property, so in theory, we'll never need a sump pump.  In theory.  What if a tree root grows into the tile and clogs it?  At that point, it's much easier to have a sump pit ready to go than it is to have a flooded basement.

Philly wouldn't let me paint right on the lid, so I had to do this on the computer.  Funsucker.

Tell me that little piggy-lid isn't dying for a smile to be painted on it.



  1. Hmmm....what you have right now is a big, wet hole. 'Nuf said.

  2. Ha! I was just wondering why you didn't title this "My Big Wet Hole"!! Love the smiley face there and good for you for planning ahead.

  3. I might have to go down into the basement and paint my sump pump lid, that is adorable!

  4. And I thought renovation was a slow process... But it's better to have your hole flooded than your actual house!

  5. I didn't recognize you without your psychedelic orange dress. Looks like you have a major project ahead of you. Good Luck! Cindy

  6. Oh what a FUN blog! I am glad you came by Zoe Cottage and hope we can be real good friends! New follower!

  7. I have pictures exactly like that! Just a big ol hole full of water. And we didn't run across any particularly ambitious workers. So weird. ;)

  8. You have painted your sump pump lid so cutely. I am in love with it.And yes this big wet hole acts as blessing in disguise during rainy days.


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