Saturday, May 4, 2013

a theater room, a faucet, and a dig date

So, Philly mentions to a guy at work that we have future plans for a home theater in our new basement.

(We won't finish out any of the basement until after we're all moved in.)

So, this guy proceeds to tell Philly all about his buddy who just put in a fabulous new theater room.  And he tells Philly we just must put in this and that and the other....(all high-tech electronics that only the independently wealthy or someone who just murdered her spouse for the life insurance could possibly afford).

And he further explains that his buddy spent "two-fifty." 

That would be hundred thousand.

Wha...whaaaaa?  We're not even spending that much on our entire house.

Oh wait. Holy crap.  Maybe the guy is trading salaries with Philly!  Woohoo!  We're rich!

Let's spend that deniro before I wake up!!  Here's what we could have with all that dough!

Okay, you get the picture.  (Hehe...I wanna be in pictures...)

Ours will probably be more along the lines of:

Yes, those are seats out of a minivan.

Or perhaps this:

We're having poured concrete walls, but I'm sure I can come up with blocks somewhere.  And I did see a nasty old couch on the curb...

Let's pause a moment to admire my favorite redneck:

Daryl Dixon
Back to the theater room...actually more like this:

Because our budget is WAY closer to two-hundred fifty DOLLARS than it is to two-hundred fifty THOUSAND.

Seriously?  I have no idea what that would be like.

Although, after this post, I just may receive a bundle to be America's Next Top Model.

Now:  A Faucet. 

I never win anything, but for some reason, my luck has changed.

I won this:


From Sawdust & Embryos!!  Woot for the new kitchen faucet!  And trust me...If I could afford a $250,000 basement, I wouldn't have entered the giveaway.

Last but not least...I'm getting a hole!

We're scheduled to dig a hole on May 14thGod-willing, and the creek don't rise!  (The latter is a definite possibility in these here parts...apparently it's monsoon season here.)

Pretty soon this:

Will look something like this:

Not that kind of hole, dummy.

And eventually, something like this!

But hopefully won't turn into this:

Because I don't want hair like that.

On second thought...I do love Tom Hanks. 


  1. Love that movie, your hole is coming on my birthday so all will be good. Home theatres can be done pretty awesome for very cheap. My sisters ex boyfriend did one in his garage Amazing for $1000. Raised seating decks DIY screen with a projector it was awesome!

  2. Oh, those big theatres? Who would want those? They aren't cozy enough!!! I like to think that I have a tiny cottage because I like cozy spaces, much more positive than to think it's because I'm not rich!!! I'm sure you can turn your basement in something great without all the money involved by what the friend of a friend did in his house!

  3. MAY 14!!!! that is like IN ONE WEEK. GIRL!!!! I am so excited for you!! and really how do you even know someone that knows someone with that kind of money!! crazy pants.

  4. I cannot stop laughing over that crazy couch theater picture! Definitely do that one! You could try doing what Sam and I do....we now refer to our living room as our Home Theater Room. ZERO DOLLARS and zero work/changes for that makeover...just call it that. Good luck with your hole....and how strange does that sound?!!!

  5. Yahoooooo!!!! That's only like a week away! Tres exciting.

    PS - hahahahahahahaa!!!!!!

  6. Lol!

    The first redneck theater was such a surprise as I scrolled down.


    I just caught The Money Pit on tv a few weeks ago. " honey ...I've been stuck in the floor all day.. I think I just saw the Care Bears in the corner of the room!"

    Sadly, my hair isn't as thick as Shelley's... It's a lot like the thin, thin hair of the guy playing her ex in the movie. Horrors!

  7. As long as you have a big LED screen and an awesome sound system, that would be good enough for the theater room, even if you have to put recliners there. But a couch, maybe some bean bags, would definitely be better. Or if the budget allows, go get a couple of La-Z-Boys. :)

    Angel Garcia

  8. Well it might just be me, but I thought the van seat one was rather clever.



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