Wednesday, May 8, 2013

i shipped my tub

Did you ever ship your tub?  I can't wait to ship my tub!  I'm pretty sure my sister did ship her tub at some point...

 (Thanks Kmart!)

In truth, Kmart didn't ship my tub, Aker by Maxx did.

If you've been hanging on my every word, you saw where I had a fabulous tub picked out for the master bath.  But it turns out that company doesn't have any local dealers in our corner of the galaxy.  We could order them online and they would happily ship our tubs... but where?  

Our current home.  Hmmm....we'd have 3 gigantic crates sitting on the driveway, then inside the garage.  And we'd have to somehow get them delivered to the job site.

The job site.  Hmmm...I don't think we want them delivered to an empty lot.

Plus, the delivery time is anywhere from 5-7 weeks.  Not going to deal with that ship.  So, we shipped similar tubs from their "sister" company. have a sister....

Here's what we got folks.  I haven't seen them in person, so hopefully the tubs will be fancy-ship-my-pants.

The master tub/shower is wide and oval-ish like the original one I picked out, so no worries...I can still waste lots of water in it.  And unless my butt gets bigger yet, there's also room for a rubber duck.

Not that rubber duck.

The Master: (“When I left you, I was but the learner. Now, I am the master.”) 

Other 2 bathrooms will get:


This one is standard size, but pretty snazzy for a one-piece tub/shower, eh?

And they're ordered, so it's for real.

Would you put in one-piece tub/showers for new construction, or would you do a separate tub and shower?  I would have loved a free-standing tub and separate shower, but we didn't have room.

Philly wouldn't build an addition just for a bathtub. 


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  1. I have laughed and laughed at the Kmart commercial! LOVE this post! Your tubs are beautiful! Especially that master one! Glad they could ship your tubs. (I couldn't resist :)

  2. How exciting!! I lmao at the video..and I love the duck pic!!

  3. The master bath tub is really nice. I think the rubber duck wouldn't even be able to go through my tiny front porch door!!!

  4. We did both. Our little guy got a standard all-in-one kind of tub, but I required a garden tub and D needed an oversized double shower head kind of shower. (Notice the usage of need and require... Spoiled first worlders) The new house has a mix of all the above. We're surviving somehow.. ;)



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