Tuesday, May 21, 2013

my foot(ings)! my only foot(ings)!

Hey!  The footing dudes showed up!  Wearing just a hint of clothing, tats, and matching scowls.  But they brought the important stuff ... concrete and purdy yellow boots!

**Update...I know you all want close-ups of the half-naked dudes, but I only had my phone with me when I stopped by and could barely see what I was taking pics of anyway, so sorry...that's all you get...**

It's like the world's biggest litter box.

Would it be inappropriate if I relocated the cat out there right now?

My guys hard at work:

Fixin' to get the sump pit all ready to go:

A strange alien living in my hole:

Or that's where the sump pit will go.

Finally, for those (most) of you who don't get my post title reference: 

If you still don't get it...pppttthhhhtttt!  Brush up on your Disney.

Coming next:  Poured concrete walls!  I can hardly contain myself.


  1. It's coming along there Andi!!!
    ( and I could vomit thinking of it as a cat litter box - thanks very much )

  2. Impressive! And I love me a good Disney reference.

  3. I'm hooked on following you...kinda like watching a Soap Opera! Can you possibly do a tad closer shots of the 'half clad' workmen, though? It's straining my eyes. Couldn't see a single tat. (hehe, lecherous ol' woman).

  4. Hurray for scantily clad concrete dudes!!! Who cares if they scowl?....not looking at their faces anyway!

  5. So exciting to have progress! Looks like your water must have dried up--or did they just pour in the ready mix? :D And, just say NO to the giant litter box. Eew.

  6. It looks like you're just about to move in!

  7. Can you please carry a camera with a telephoto lens while scantily clad muscle men are working on your property...pretty pretty please:)


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