Thursday, May 30, 2013

the walls did NOT come crumblin' crumblin'

Somehow, amidst all the rain we've had, we managed to get our basement walls poured before everything caved in.

I know this doesn't look much different than when the forms were just sitting here, but's progress.

Today they removed the forms and we have actual walls.

Amazing how they can take the forms off and real bricks magically appear.

Who knows how bricks lurk in the form of...forms?

The shadow knows...

This is my domain.  For I am...Phil-zan...


There's a car parked on the wall!

Philly says the place looks huge.  I think it looks tiny and I'm already asking when we can build an addition.

In case you didn't believe me about the rain, here's what my Sketchers looked like after tromping about taking pictures.

Yes, I'm really that white. 

Thank God I shaved recently.

In other news, we had dinner.  The chicken thighs aren't worth mentioning, but I did re-heat some leftover Brown Sugar Carrots.  How come they taste so good?  I said yeah...I said yeah...I said yeah...whooo!

Actually, they weren't that great reheated.

Andi: "Why does a reheated baby carrot look like a geriatric Oompa-Loompa penis?  (Am I allowed to say "penis" here?)

Philly:  "You've seen a geriatric Oompa-Loompa penis before?"

Andi:  "Well, no...I guess that's just how I'd picture one."

Philly: "You've pictured one before?"

Andi:  {blink}


  1. Oh, my word. You are hilarious! And you have a window!!! Looks huge to me, too. What's next? Dona

    1. Next will be the plumber, then a basement floor! Hopefully I'll be able to get pics of the plumber in know...plumber crack and all...

  2. The place DOES look huge! I am always surprised during the building process how different things look than when the walls are in. Looks like you are still pretty muddy there, but I am glad they got the walls up before it caved in! Bleh! That would have been horrible!

  3. *blink*


    It's so weird how it goes from looking huge to looking tiny to looking too big to looking too small. It rained constantly on us too, but as far as I know the place is still standing!

  4. What are you doing, building a castle? It looks huge!!!! :) I hate when I get mud on my shoes like that... I think the last time that happened was when I had to catch Autumn after she ran onto a muddy ball field. It was l.o.v.e.l.y.

  5. YAYYYY!! and really?? i didn't know you could have the bricks in the forms. WTH why were we not offered this magic? grr...

    but, when our forms came off i thought it looked huge. then the walls went up and it felt small, then big then small, then big, and now it's still big!

  6. Looks like a castle to me too! WOW! This must be so exciting for you guys! About the carrots.... you're crazy. Yep. I thought so. And now there is proof.

  7. This is why I love your blog! Your sense of humor! I remember when we had our basement first built before the house went up. I couldn't imagine how our rooms were going to fit over what seemed such a tiny hole! Couldn't believe it was the same basement after the walls went up!

  8. I was thinking it looked like a freakin castle too!! And I have to say I'm with Phil on the wondering why you've been picturing geriatric penises. Too funny! AND...I have a crush on Mellencamp.

  9. I agree with everyone else, it looks huge!!! How exciting. I would love to build a house someday, someplace where it doesn't rain...or snow...or have tornadoes :)

  10. You need an addition???????????
    Ok - you're never visiting me lol

  11. You're building Buckingham Palace, aren't you? Awesome! Except the carrots. I don't dig on no carrots. ;)

  12. I think you should say penis whenever you feel like it.


  13. TYou are so funny! I can see this conversation...and your blink. I'd blink too. Too funny!

    1. Oh...some of the conversations we have...!!! :)



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