Thursday, June 27, 2013

de basement

I'm so prepared I should be a Girl Scout.

I got my camera all packed up in its sweet little carrying case and put it next to my book bag and lunchbox and headed off to work.  

But my camera decided to stay home and play hooky.

Thank goodness cell phones are multi-functional these days.

First off, our crew finished the garage roof return.  (Just the substitutions, exchanges, or refunds.)



Then the unexpected surprise.  Remember this?  (Watch that first step.)

Now it looks like this!


Yeah Toast Stairs!!

Now that I can safely traverse de basement, I'll give you the nickel tour.  At the back of the house (under the kitchen/greatroom area) is the home of the *future* bar/pool table/video game area.  This is where we'd have parties if we had any friends.

See where the tub is?  Scootch that over into the corner, and that will be de basement crapper area.  Don't worry, we'll have a toilet, too. 

Here's the look we're kinda going for:

The stairs will be open underneath (I love that look!)...

Kinda like this: 

Only not twisty.  And not ornate.  And no grand piano underneath.  And not on the main floor.  And no pillars.  And they have WAY more money than we do. 

Okay, so it's not going to look anything like that, but someday I'd like to have a Ms. Pac Man/Galaga combo machine camping out below them.


Andi.  Wantee.

Picture it living under the tallest part:

At the other end of the back of the house (beneath the master bedroom) will be our 3rd bedroom.  Escape window included.  Although, we're considering adding bars to the window just for fun.  'Cause it does kinda look like a prison cell right now.

Future theater room.  I'm totally going to deck this out with Star Wars crap.  (The original trilogy...not the disaster that was the prequel trilogy.)

The rest will be unfinished storage.  Heck, the whole thing will be unfinished storage for awhile.  But a girl can dream, right?


In other news, I wore a skirt to work today.  I never wear skirts.  But when I do, I wear tights, which prevent my thighs from making fire as I walk.

I'm It's too damn hot right now to wear tights, and I refuse to wear pantyhose.  (Just think of me as Julia Roberts in Pretty her pictured?  Yep...I look just like her.)

Or not.  See more on (moron) that HERE:

"I've got a runner in my pantyhose.  I'm not wearing pantyhose."

So, due to all the friction, I burned down a Pepsi machine (no great loss there) and melted a box of Krispy Kremes.  (Major loss.)

At least now I understand why Sister Mary Ann swished down the grade school halls in her pantyhose...That woman would have been a walking inferno without them.

I think I'm going to buy a pair of boxer briefs to wear under my skirt on summer days when I can't wear my tights.  And my hooker boots.

Oh, and I forgot to put antiperspirant on this morning.  Thankfully I keep a stash of Secret in my desk drawer.  But it was close to the end, so the blob fell off the top of the thing and fell down the front of my blouse.  And since a coworker witnessed this last part, I guess it's not much of a Secret anymore.


  1. LOL!! OMG! I can SO see the deodorant falling off! Got me a good belly laugh from that one!

    Love the basement--and if you had any friends? that's me. :) No friends. :(

    I have always relied on my kids to bring in the party. Otherwise I am pretty anti-social. A snob? I don't know. Ornery is shy, I am just cranky. :)

  2. I swear you must be a riot to work with Andi! I remember when the stairs were added to our basement, the first time I walked down there I had dreams of a family room, bathroom, and bedroom. What I have instead is a basement full of my husband's hoard. I have to walk sideways, and the floor and walls have disappeared from view. I'll live vicariously through yours!

  3. Toast, yeah, toast. You put it in the slot and the wires get hot. You get toast. Yeah, toast. Hole-sanna . . . I don't remember the last time I wore pantyhose. Yuck. If you're a Girl Scout, then I'll take two boxes of Thin Mints.


  4. That house is coming along fast! I love that program and the fact that we can see what it's going to be like. I always wanted a pachinko machine. Never could play pac man. Panty hose?? So 90's...get those boxer shorts and let your legs breath girl! Maybe get some with hearts or something!

  5. Do you know that when I see a new post of yours arrive it moves to the top of my reading list every time? You freaking crack me up!

  6. Oh, mercy! You are hilarious! But where Bliss moves you to the top of her reading list, I save you for in saving the best for last, right? Thanks for the update and chuckles! Dona

  7. Wow house is looking real....umm change to spray and do it in the bathroom

  8. I would LOVE to seriously have a theater room someday, too! But, for now... I'll just keep dreaming. It is looking good :)

  9. lol you are just too funny. I'm glad you have a party room planned because I'm coming!

  10. This is why I hoard Secret like some people hoard powered food for the apocalypse.


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