Friday, June 21, 2013

getting our sheathing on and tubbaliciousness

Greetings!  First, let me don my blogger-of-shame cap.  I have been completely lax in visiting my bloggy friends lately and have barely had a chance to even say hello.

(I sense a list of lame excuses forthcoming...aaand...)

There have been house details to sort out, appearances to make at my job (that pays me actual money), and when I'm not doing that, I'm buried in work around our current home, trying to get it ready for the market.  And I haven't even found time to post anything on my own blog all week, but I'm probably the only one who noticed that.

Not to mention my big sister is visiting from Alaska.  Yep.  She lives in that super-cool (no pun intended--okay, maybe it was) state up in moose country.  She and her husband have been here all week and we've been doing lots of eating.  And shopping at Costco.  And eating at Costco. We'll be eating more Costco food tonight.  And some Sam's Club food.  Can you serve both at the same gathering?

Speaking of getting the current house ready to sell, I do have to say that if you're skeptical AT ALL about the home remedy for scummy bathtubs that's been floating around the bloggy-web, don't be.  I have tried every chemical substance known to WalMartKind to clean my tub/shower.  After 14 years of buildup, it was still just gross.  Not for a lack of cleaning attempts...I've just never found anything that worked.

Thank goodness my soap scum was clean, even if my tub wasn't.

I've seen this recipe all over blogland (with slightly different ratios).

And look at the bottle of Dawn.  I saved WILDLIFE for cryin' out loud.  Says so right on the bottle.  And don't forget that my vinegar was a Great value.

I mixed up 2 parts hot (white) vinegar with one part Dawn dish liquid, and I now have dubbed my tub, "Squeaky McSqueakyClean." 

It seriously worked folks.  I had to see it myself to believe it.  I mixed my Tubbalicious in a large spray bottle then doused the entire tub/shower and let it sit for awhile.

I did an initial scrub-down (it's quite sudsy) and then sprayed on a bit more and let it sit awhile longer.

I took some before and after pics of the tub, but since my bathroom is like a mini batcave, you can't really see anything due to the poor lighting.

When I came back, I used the scrubby side of a scotch-brite sponge and a lot of cold water (to kill the suds) and my tub is so clean.  I believe my reaction was something like, "Holy sh!t on a piece of toast.  It worked."

I think I'm going to start using this for everything, from oven cleaner to toothpaste.

Philly and I are going to have to start taking showers in the back yard with the garden hose so we don't yuck up the tub again.  And it won't be pretty.

I'm actually going to like cleaning the bathrooms from now on!  Okay, that's a complete lie, but at least it won't seem like an unadulterated waste of time from here on out.

And here's a random picture of Eddie.  He cracks me up.  I'm not sure if it was the tongue sticking out...or the way he had his paws crossed...or the way he wedged himself between the pillows on my bed...I just love this little doggie.

He's actually snoring as I type this while wearing one of my sweaters as a blanket.

On to the sheathing, because I know you're sitting on the edge of your collective seats.

This week my awesome set crew finished the roof trusses and also put up the sheathing.

Yesterday they started putting up the tar paper.  Which I guess isn't really tar paper at's some kind of a synthetic these days.

This isn't quite as dramatic a change as we saw in the first 2 days of construction, but considering our erection is just barely over a week old, I'm pretty darned impressed by the progress. 

I hope they got the rest of the paper up today because we had a major thunderstorm come through this afternoon.  In fact, it came through at the precise moment I was leaving work. Which means by the time I got to my car, I was completely soaked from head-to-toe.  

Umbrella?  Of course I had it.  In my car.

You'd think I would drive straight home without making any stops because of the torrential downpour.

Nope.  A girl's got to have priorities.  It's Friday after all...

Any wine with an ice-cream reference is okay in my book.


  1. I am so excited to to try out your soap concoction on my shower! I can't believe I am actually excited to clean a shower, but I have to try this out. Awesome progress, no shirtless guys, oh well. Maybe I will join you in that Friday drink! Have a great weekend :)

  2. All the tv ads I have seen say to get to a doctor after four hours, so not sure what happens after a week. I guess maybe you sheath yourself?

  3. If I can get the scummy tub in my extra bathroom clean, I'll be thrilled.


  4. It's ok if you can't come visit me I will come to tub cleaning I hate it so anything that would make the job easier I am for it......

  5. Thanks for the tip and enjoy a little relaxation with that wine!

  6. Icecream wine, get out awesome, house erection and sheathing....omg dying, looks great, good luck with the house selling, that's seriously the worse thing ever! Meh visits, sometimes you just have to be in the real world

  7. I cannot believe you did not make a cute label for your vinegar and water solution. You should never apologize for not visiting, Andi....after is could not possibly be further behind than I am!!

  8. Your house is lookin' nice! Enjoy your time with your sister. :)

  9. OK Andi, I'll have to try that. My husband uses toilet bowl cleaner, the fumes are horrible but nothing else has worked. If this does, you get a ribbon! Have fun with your sister, and loving how fast the house is going!

  10. I'm really impressed by the progress made at your new house. You're now what we call "out of water" when we build a house in France (when the roof is up). This phase calls for champagne... or at least a glass of wine... You can keep the champagne for the newt phase, which we call "out of air", when the windows are up!

  11. Thank you for saving the environment and being as bad as me about visiting everyone's blogs. I feel less alone. The house is looking great!

  12. Yes, I missed your posts--just in case you thought no one was looking for them. LOVE the picture of your dog. SO cute!

    I have seen that tub cleaner too, but so far don't really have issues that I haven't been able to handle. The exception is the black mildew stuff that gets UNDER the silicone sealer around the shower door. THAT is a problem. I will try that cleaner on some floor tiles, though. Looks like a lot of work, with all the rinsing and stuff, but my grout is nasty. NASTY I tell you!

    When I saw your wine bottle with ice cream on the front I thought of my visit to the paint counter yesterday. After I told the guy what colors I needed he said, "I just love paint color names. The other day a woman came in and said, 'I need a gallon of chocolate cheesecake' to which I replied, 'The world would be better if we all had a gallon of chocolate cheesecake." I thought that was pretty funny! :)

    Happy Monday and I am looking forward to seeing your progress this week. Really, though, you might want to slow down on that rain thing, don't you think you've had enough this spring? ;)


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