Monday, June 10, 2013

sliders and roofies

Philly sent me on a quest for White Castle and Date Rape Drugs.


 I'm sorry, but this doesn't even look like real food.

Then I found out he actually said, "siding and roofing."  Oh.

I wonder why he wants me to get a hearing aid?

I think sliders and roofies would have been easier.  Where do you go these days to get gray anything (besides hair)?  Just a nice gray roof with no blue, brown, or red ... just a nice shade of gray.

I thought there were supposed to be 50 of them.

Because remember, I like gray now.

Anyway, here's the cat.  And the two shingle samples I brought home.

Did you know that if you've had the chicken pox, you already have the shingles virus inside you?

We drove by actual homes with these 2 colors of shingles on them.  We didn't care for either one.  The first one had a lot of red, and the second had a lot of brown.

I think this is what we've got picked out now.  It doesn't look that brown in person--it looks gray.  I hope.

Whoa.  I can't imagine having a house like that.  But I can imagine the roof color, and that's all that matters.

I believe we have the siding colors picked out.  We're going with gray and grey.  It's difficult to get pictures of little samples of siding, so we can just refer back to our illustration, because this is the look we're trying to achieve:

Lighter gray for the shake-style siding, and darker gray for the sides and back of the house -- to match the dark gray brick on the front.

Oh crap a brick. 

I haven't looked at brick yet.  I'll just bet that will go WAY better.

Anyway, I've never had sliders in my life.  Or roofies.
At least, that's what Philly said.


  1. How exciting, although all the chicken pix shingles talk has me itching, may I never have shingles!

  2. I hate White Castle. The dam little burgers should not qualify as food.

  3. are too funny :) I love the colors in the illustration! I have a bright red door, and I love it.

  4. Hi ya do you know you are funny well you are..............bugga I just realised cooking with curls already said that...........

    1. Hehehe...thanks! And thanks for dropping in!!


  5. Those sliders look sickly ugghhh..............but that roof is going to be sensational!
    I can't wait to see this house - could you step it up a notch or two do you think?
    It's taking too long now.

  6. Sliders are disgusting! My husband loves them, I can't even take the smell, especially when he reheats them in the microwave! Yuck! Anyway, I love your sense of humor, though I did think you were telling me to crap a brick!! The gray and grey are perfect!!

  7. I've had two grey houses. They were my two favorites. I miss those houses. Should have refused to give them up. I knew about chicken pox and shingles. A lot of the residents in the nursing home where I worked had shingles. It was miserable for them. If Obamacare goes through so I can get decent insurance, I'm going to get the shingles vaccination. In fact, I'll get it no matter what because getting rid of shingles seems to take forever, and sometimes they accompany people into eternity. Hole-sanna, hey-sanna, sanna, sanna hole . . . Hey Jay Zee, Jay Zee, you're with Beyonce. You have everything, so share it now. Look at what you made me sing all weekend. Shame on you.


  8. Hilarious! Here's to hoping you stay off the roofie bandwagon!

  9. Love the grey and sliders. Could do without the roofies.

    But then again, never say never...

  10. oh i remember that, we drove around and looked at about 12 houses with different shingles! they do look so much different when it's an entire roof full....would you believe the first ones we "thought" we liked had yucky specks of yellow on it when we did the house drive by? uck.

    i think gray and gray is safe and a clean look :)

  11. Hey Andi, thanks for stopping by. I still don't know how I fixed my e-mail issue, I just clicked everything I could find and I guess something worked! I can't believe the quick progress of your house! I love following you, with a laugh and a smile! During the construction of your house remember, No sliders on the roof....sorry couldn't help myself

  12. We had almost that exact roof on hour home in Montana! Loved it! White Castle....the original slider. And I think it's funny that all small burgers are called sliders now. I mean the real reason we called them sliders wasn't a pretty reason!!

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