Saturday, June 15, 2013

erection! part deux

It's super-crazy when the framing on your new home basically goes up in a day or so.  Kind of like an Amish barn-raising minus the straw hats and beards.  Well, Eddie has a beard (and technically Philly has a goatee), so I guess just minus the straw hats.

Come to think of it, there were a couple straw hats.  Or at least one.

For some reason, I kept expecting that dude in the straw hat to say, "G'day, Mate!"  I have no idea why I think he looks like an Aussie.

Where was I when I left you on my last riveting post

Oh yeah.  We (We? Like I had anything to do with it) finished up the exterior walls and were moving on to interior walls.

I actually had to take a break and run home for awhile.  The sun was frying my porcelain pasty white skin and I had lots of stuff to do at home.  Because my house looks like this.

So, no in-progress shots, just the whole she-bang.

And I know it's really tough to visualize without any drywall.  But here goes.

This is the big open space in the house.  I'm standing in the back corner of the house, which is the dining area.  The kitchen area is off to the left, and the family/living room is off to the right.

Here's the floorplan again in case you find that helpful.

This is the piano room at the front of the house (except right now I think it's the lunch-break room):

Main-floor bathroom.  At least I hope so, since there's a tub in there.

Second bedroom (at front of house):

Master bedroom (at back of house):

Master bath:

Stairs to basement.  Oops.  Watch that first step.

I'm surprised I didn't take more interior shots.  Well, like I said, it's tough enough to figure things out when you're standing in the house...It's almost impossible to see it in the pictures.

All of this was completed when I came back around 4:00.  They still had the final exterior garage walls to finish.

This guy it nuts.  He climbs on everything.  His name is Jared, but I just call him Spidey.

They allllmost had the final wall in place (there's my "Aussie" again):

And it went crashing backward:
( one was hurt, thank God!) 


Trust me...there's more to come...


  1. Oh sure you had stuff to do at home. I bet if the shirts had come off, you would have stayed ;) Just wait until the roofers show up, they are really crazy to watch!

  2. woohooo, that's awesome! moving right along now.

    Oh and we all wear straw hats......mmhmmm

  3. Where's the guy who takes off his shirt? I want him back. And we women complain that men objectify us.


  4. Crazy fast! And I was kind of looking for the shirtless guy too!

  5. Amazing how fast! But listen, you've got a dedicated audience out here. The least you could do is pick out the guy with the best looking build (as in body) and ask him to remove his shirt for your friends. Don'cha think? (hehe) Dona

    1. Oh my....I think they'd leave and never come back and I'd end up living in a wide-open house!!

  6. So technically it's part two of the first erection, except for that one wall that was erected twice. Right? And just so I make sure I understand, is the second bedroom marked bedroom 3 on the drawing or is it my eyes? If not can you please see to it that it is corrected.


  7. It is coming along nicely.............

  8. i love that arched window you have going on in the bedroom! i wanted arches adam said the only thing he DOESNT want are arches. soo i got everything else...almost.


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