Thursday, June 13, 2013

sill plate, load-bearing walls, and puppy feet

My behind is behind on writing posts, shaving my legs, and clipping the dog's toenails ... among other things. This week has been nuts.  We're getting our current house ready to put on the market, so naturally, I'm living an episode of Hoarders.  Clearly I'm not an OCD clean freak or I'd be jumping off the water tower.

I don't think I'll use this picture on the house ad...thoughts?

Onto the build.

Philly and Brent attached the sill plate to the top of the basement walls.  I had no idea what that even meant until I saw it.  But basically, they attach these wood board thingies to the top of the basement walls, and that's what the floor boxes sit on.  Got it?

I brought them lunch.  And a dog.  Brent fed half his lunch to my dog.  Here's the lunch part.

Here's the dog part.  Gee, I wonder why all you see are his back feet....

Did I mention my dog is a boy dog?  His name is Eddie.  Of course, you'd never know it by his attire.  My daughter thinks it's awesome to dress him in pink and rhinestones.  I don't think the job is truly complete without painting his toenails pink to match.

But Philly would slaughter us both. 

Anyway, a couple days later the local builder-crew boys showed up and built the basement walls!  (No shirtless guys today...sorry...)

Oh!  And the tubs arrived!

The tubs need a bath.

Stay tuned...a LOT of stuff is happening today!!


  1. Can't tell you how much I love watching this process Andi!!!!!!!!!!
    Now clean up your current space - it looks like crap LOL
    Have a great weekend ( clip the poor dogs toe nails will ya? )
    big hugs,

  2. Is that a Schnoodle? My daughter just shaved our Schnoodle and it looks JUST like yours... Especially when you add the begging for food part ;)

  3. Yay for stuff happening!

    Booooo for no shirtless boys.

    Yay for gender confused doggies! (My friend's female dog is named Steve.)

  4. From this end, it really looks like this is going FAST! Sad there were no shirtless workers, almost had to just move on. But then, I saw a fairly nice pair of Levi's on a ladder....bending over. Good enough.

    Next? Dona

  5. I lost interest as soon as I read no shirtless guy. But you go, girl. Sell one house and get the other one built.


  6. I'll come back when the shirtless guys do.


  7. It's really starting to move along Andi! Love that you'll have these nice rooms, ours is just one big area. I'm excited to see the rest of the walls go up! Will shirtless guy be back!?

    1. Don't think shirtless boy will be back...although perhaps he will when they do the driveway!

  8. WHAT? No shirtless yummy man today? That's the only reason I open your blog every morning!!! I love the picture of your dog waiting for food. Good luck with the cleaning. I've been living in a chaotic under renovation cottage for two month, so mess can't impress me!

  9. Oooh! Progress! Loved the dog's attentive give-me-food-now-because-I-am-too-cute-to-resist look. :) I AM a little OCD so it made me want to rush over and help you clean up that mess. Ugh. I have enough of my own!! Have a great weekend!

  10. i love that photo of eddie's feet. but i have a thing for dog paws sooo

  11. I'm with Bliss...the dog is cute...but we need shirtless guy posts.


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