Wednesday, June 5, 2013

my piles....gone

Remember back when I had piles?

They're gone!!

The excavators stopped by and did some backfilling and rough grading and my hole is starting to look like ... well ... a basement!

And my piles are gone!!

When Andi Had Piles:

A Pile-Free Hole!

(And pretty clouds.)

Here's our garage.  It's a 3-stall "tandem"
(which means one half of the garage is 2 stalls deep).
The concrete should be poured later this week,
so it's been loaded up with Dirty Phil Fill Sand:

Grab some lemonade (and vodka) because here's my new front porch!

Here's a little better view of the basement...

The front section here is where the 2nd bedroom will be on the main level:

Side view:

Another side view showing the window my kids would have used to escape if they'd grown up here:

Back of the house, and view of the future patio and pergola.  
Like we'll have any money left for that.

Close-up of the basement daylight windows.  (There's no way in hell I could escape through those unless you greased me up like a pig and shot me out of a cannon.)

A look at the whole basement from the back corner:

 And a look into the garage from the back...see the little cut-out for the man door?  It's so manly.

The plumber also showed up (sorry, I was at work when he was there, so I didn't have the opportunity to grab any plumber-crack photos).  So he didn't do anything really photo-worthy as far as I can tell.

Finally for those of you who may have missed the floorplan, here it is again so you can better visualize. 

And here are the actual architect's drawings.

The basement:

 Elevate Me:

The main floor:

Next time on Delusions...

The garage and basement floors get filled with concrete.  So if you were wanting to bury something in my basement, make it happen soon.

We'll also get our load-bearing basement walls built, and the structure will be going up!

Stay tuned...


  1. Dirty Phil. Hah!

    Now all I need is your address. I'll bring the vodka.

  2. Very cool. We designed and built our house when we lived in western Maryland. I was so sad when we had to move. I still miss that place. Having "piles" amuses me. Were you purposely making a joke about the former meaning of piles? Quite some time ago, people referred to hemorrhoids as piles. I don't know why.


    1. YES!! I was definitely referring to hemorrhoids. Glad someone got it. :)

  3. I want your kitchen and dining area!

  4. Is that your current house in the background? This house is HUGE! I'd envy you, but I don't know what I'd do with all that room! Bet I could come up with something, though! I'm really enjoying this series....and your humor cracks me up! Dona

    1. Nah...the house in the background belongs to our future neighbors. We're going from 1200 on the main floor to 1900 on the main floor. Good thing we waited till the kids moved out before building a bigger house...

  5. Thanks so much for your kind comment. How great to have a journal of your building journey. Following back


  6. Thanks so much for your kind comment. How great to have a journal of your building journey. Following back


  7. This should make sitting so much more comfortable.

  8. Yay, you're sitting pretty now :P What do you put in a basement, we don't have them here and I am jealous of what looks like a huge extra room

  9. You're moving right along now, it looks awesome!!!

  10. Great new front porch. I wonder where you get all these decoration ideas! On the plus side, I learnt a new meaning for "piles"... I wonder when I'll be able to use it and show off my amazing English vocabulary!

  11. Looking GOOD! I LOVE building houses! It's SO much fun....if you don't kill yourself that is....

  12. Totally bringing the vodka...but.....I've searched and searched those plans and didn't see "Danni's room" on there anywhere. I'm so excited for you! I've never built a house and I'm living it vicariously here!!

  13. I am so glad you posted this! I love seeing drawings of floor plans. Thanks for feeding my addiction. Lovely house and floor plan. Glad your laundry is close to the Master Bedroom.


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