Friday, June 14, 2013

an erection!

This is the moment.

The moment we've all been waiting for.

The big one.

Is it real?  Can I really make it happen?

Will it last?

Will it be strong enough?

Big enough?

Will it respect me in the morning?

Oh, my...yes!!!

Okay, this is actually the rear-end of the erection, but with all the trucks out front, it was difficult to get a decent picture there.

I took nearly 200 photos yesterday.  As much as I love photos, I promise I won't post them all.  But there are still a butt-load.

First, let's reminisce.

Here's what our place looked like at 6:30 Thursday morning (without the people inside):

As long as we're reminiscing, I know you want to see shirtless boy again. (Even though that was last week and has nothing to do with this post.  Except to keep my readers interested.
Or lose more readers...Whatever.)

Here's a little timeline.

7:00 a.m. Thursday: The "house" arrived.
By 7:15, the first floor box was down.

And then a few more:

Come together....Right now... 
 (This picture completely cracks me up.)

Fitting the last piece!

Meet Floor.  He's my floor.  Not the real one though...he's just a sub.  See that red-painted rectangle?  That's where the stairs go.

First time standing on the main floor of my new house (please give me a minute to finish hyperventilating).

Oh, and that's BEFORE my feet got sunburned.

Here's what they look like now:

Anyway, the floor was finished by 8:00 a.m.  Yep, you read that right.  One hour later my floor was done.

Then they put up the exterior walls.
 (Warning...tons of pics.)

In case you've never heard of panelized building, it's stick-building in a controlled environment.  Then they bring out the wall sections and put them together like a giant puzzle.  The whole structure goes up in about 3 days instead of a month or more...

I'm on of the world, lookin...down on creation....
and the only explanation I can...find... 

Can you believe the gorgeous weather we're having???

Okay, so all the exterior walls were up by noon.  I'll talk about what happened in the afternoon in another post since I'm about to pass out and you're most likely on picture overload. 

I've never seen an erection this big happen this fast.
But we've got wood now....


  1. are insane! I needed a really good laugh today, so thank you :) Oh, and thanks for bringing shirtless boy back! That is pretty awesome how fast it goes up :P

  2. This time I actually noticed all the photos not just shirtless ones. i looked so intensely in fact, I noticed you've got some funky looking baby toes.

  3. Ok this is good and not just because you are not talking about the rude type of

  4. Wow - what an erection Andi!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think I'm just as excited as you watching this house go up, really!!!
    ( and the only explanation I can find
    is the fun that I've found
    ever since you've been around
    your blog puts me at
    the top of the world..................)

  5. You totally crack me up. Totally, dude. (Lordy, I'm old) I can honestly say, I've never seen an erection like this.....that took half a day to raise! Seriously, I've never seen a house go up this fast! What an eye opener! I do have to thank you for the shirtless guy. Before that, I was looking for one so intently, I forgot to look at the pics of the wall. I'm jest a dirly ol' woman....but I notice I'm not the only one!

    OK! Next?


    1. Everyone seems to be in love with shirtless boy!!

  6. Wow Andi I am absolutely hooked on that shirtless guy and it looks like everyone else is too!! I can't believe the progress on the house. That is an amazing erection with or without the shirtless guy! Lori

  7. I wont say the word but that went up fast and its soooo big and its gonna last how long??? Oh my

    Thanks for the eye-candy too!:)

  8. Wow Andi! How fun to look at the progress! And Hey! I have the same pattern sun burn on my feet! I need the nail polish though.

  9. so crazy that this is how you guys did it! wish they did it like that down here instead of 2 weeks of framing and floors! looking good girl.

    but not those sunburned feet..sorry.

  10. Woohoo!! So exciting!! I had to go back and check out your pinky toes after Bliss teased you ha ha! You both are a hoot!
    Can't wait to see more!

    1. Those darn pinky toes...I might have to look into getting some transplants... :)

  11. Okay. Shirtless guy. You have my attention again.


  12. As always, you make me! This may be my favorite far! I'm with Suzan...I'm excited to watch you build! Thanks for the hot guy know I'm a fan!

  13. Ah, shirtless guy + erection? I think I don't need to say I might have weird dream tonight... Can you please ask the next crew to go shirtless?

  14. Playing catch up. YAY FOR AN ERECTION!!! And seriously, who would quit reading due to that shirtless fella? Not me, that's who! Congrats on the big one. :)

  15. There was a house in my old neighborhood that started getting built about three years ago. It's still not finished. Maybe you can hook up the owners with these guys?


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