Sunday, June 16, 2013

dresses for the roof

Hello!  When we last saw our construction heroes, they had completely finished the exterior AND interior wall framing.  That was Thursday afternoon.  Whew.  I still can't believe how fast all that happened.

Friday morning arrived...another glorious day!

The semi would arrive with all my roof dresses.

Really?  Dresses for the roof?

I'm thinking I'd like something like this:


But seriously...why in the world should we have dresses for the roof?
I don't even get a new dress.


It's not a dre--  It's a....Wha??  It's a tru..

Oh.  Trusses.  Roof trusses.  Okay, that makes much more sense.

Here's the semi with my TRUSSES.

I would have driven that semi right into the house, but this guy has clearly done this at least once before.  People who can drive a tractor-trailer in reverse and put it exactly where they mean to put it all deserve medals and super-hero status.

It was fun to watch him unload the...{clearing throat} trusses.

The bed of the semi tipped up slightly, and then the rollers did the work.  Basically, the truck took a huge truss dump right next to the house.

It would appear that once again, I have piles.

The first one goes up!  Woot!
(That's Spidey.)

A few at the back (over the dining area):

Giddyap and ride'em cowboy.  Yeehaw!

Seriously Spidey?  I'm having a heart attack.

This is pretty much what it looked like at the end of the day.  They still have a few more to put up on Monday.

From the back:

I don't know what I was getting all excited about.
I don't like wearing dresses anyway.

Or trusses.


  1. I think if you had to dress for the arrival of the trusses you could have had one of those. How exciting it's looking like a "house" now :)

  2. AWESOME! It really does look like a house now. :) I bet you are over-the-top excited! How long before it is actually move-in ready?

  3. I think you should have a different dress for every time you post about the house. You can get someone to take a picture of you while you stand next to shirtless guy.


  4. How awesome is this! I hope the inside goes as quickly as the outside, and before you know it you can be moved in!! With your own shirtless guy!

  5. This house looks MASSIVE to me Andi - what a dream!

  6. Oh, I was so getting ready for a dress post. I mean, with the renovation going on, I can't even remember when was the last time I wore a dress... Well, I guess if it's only about trusses, I can keep my painting jeans, can't I? It might not impress shirtless guy, though.

  7. PS: I forgot, but when I was reading your post, I had David Bowie's Heroes playing from my playlist. How "à propos", isn't it?

  8. I am stunned at how fast everything is happening! Amazing! Tell Spidey to take off his shirt.

  9. Amen, Danni. Spidey needs to strip! Well, just his shirt. Man, this is going up FAST. Have you started packing yet? Sorry about the piles returning, but it doesn't look like they'll last long. Dona

    1. Oh yes, we're packing and getting our current home ready to put on the market!!

  10. I think I would look nicer wearing a truss than a dress anymore.

  11. I can't believe how quickly this is all happening... I mean, it seemed like last week it was just a big hole in the ground. So excited for ya!

  12. yay it's getting there so fast! LIKE SO FAST. better start packing!

  13. Very pretty dresses, wouldn't want to wear them on the roof just yet as I think you would fall

  14. You are hilarious.

    On a bad day, I'll wear a truss over a dress!

    Your dress choices were lovely!

  15. You're a great photographer LittleMyoo! Your photos clearly depict how Spidey worked so hard in installing the trusses. Unfortunately, I can see that he's not using any safety gear. I hope you get him to use one next time he works on the roof. It's very dangerous up there. I can imagine how nervous you are while he's swinging up there. Well unless Spidey's web are spread out at the trusses. :)

  16. How's the roof 'dressing' going? I'm excited to see how it would look like with its new 'dress'. Roof 'dresses' is important not only for appearance but safety of its residents, after all it's what protects us from the weather – same with how we dress for appearance and more importantly, to protect our body. =)

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