Thursday, April 4, 2013

nice rack!

I am SOOO glad I got the flu mist this year, because that meant MY flu was only 8 days of near-death with my temp reaching 103 and my feet barely reaching the floor.  Go prevention.

I guess we'll just call it the "epic fail mist." 

Oh, and I started putting this post together on my first fever-free day, so no guarantees here. 

I've had this quilt rack for quite some time...well, since whenever my sister gave it to me I guess.  I've been so bored for the past week and I didn't want to start in on anything that would require me to exert myself too much, or "strain my milk," as Philly would say.

(Yeah...those wells dried up a loooong time ago.) 

So I stole one of Philly's screwdrivers and started deconstructing my rack.

I hope my sister is okay with this, but I've learned it's better to ask for forgiveness... or just don't mention it.  Ever.

I'm also pretty bad at putting stuff back together.  And no, I didn't mark Tab A or Slot B or anything...I just hope I don't have to go whimpering to my husband to help me figure out the pieces, because that would just suck.  I prefer to use whimpering ONLY as a last resort.  Or for jewelry.

Plus I just KNOW he'd ask me why I'm putting paint over "perfectly good wood."


I'VE BEEN BORED AND USELESS!  Okay?  And I'm craving some ASCP.  A fever will do that to you.  Well, it did it to me anyway.
And, let me point out this thing was imported from Taiwan, so I'm shedding no tears.

Some things make me happy when I take them apart to paint.  Like an old picture frame that's hiding cash and jewels and I find out I just struck it rich.  Yeah, like that would ever happen to me.  Some things make me unhappy.  Those in "unhappyland" generally end up a big, hot, awkward mess and make me wish I'd never taken the stupid thing apart to begin with.

That's what happened in the case of my rack.  So after fighting paint up my nose and fingerprints where the paint is supposed to be, I decided to put my rack back together to finish the project.

Yes, yes, yes...I did manage to put my little lovely back together all by myself, with only a minimum of head-scratching.  And that may have just been fleas.  I swear my husband thinks I'm a complete idiot.

I decided to sand down what I'd already painted, just to get things a little more even, and that accomplished absolutely nothingBut I did switch to a smoother and smaller paint brush.  My Official ASCP brush wasn't doing me any favors on this spindly-legged little bugger.

I have to admit I've had my doubts about the intestinal fortitude of the ASCP on this project.  It seems to be sliding around WAY more than I'm used to.  Well, Keep Calm and Carry On...My Wayward Son.  There'll Be Peace When You are Done. 

Anyway, after several coats of ASCP Old White, I gave it a gentle sanding, then a coat of clear wax.  Then what to do?  

I'm dying to try dark wax, but since I don't have any (and my little supplier shop is closed until next Tuesday, and I have ZERO patience), I decided to try a glaze.  I mixed Ceramcoat Glaze and Americana Dark Chocolate craft paint and a bit of water.  Wax on, wax off.  Wipe on, wipe off.  Excellent Andi-san.

I actually had no idea what I was doing.

But I have to say, my rack has never looked better.  Even my husband likes it!  Yeah, Baby, She's Got It.  And I think the afghan I made a few years ago looks just loverly hanging here.

But perhaps I'll look for something with tassels instead...  

(Our cat Roscoe doing his best photobomb.)

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  1. Your quilt rack came out great!


  2. Great job and you are hysterical! Following you via BlogLovin.
    I'm visiting you today from Too Much Time. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and leave a comment and Link Up, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Medicine Cabinet Makeover

  3. I love reading about your adventures in decorating... It's such fun I'm not surprised you have new followers. The rack turned out "definitely" perfect!

  4. Your rack looks awesome,and I love your post! You crack me up!! So glad I found your awesome blog. :)

    Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. Have a wonderful week. :)

  5. Your quilt rack is adorable! Much improved!

    hugs x
    Crystelle Boutique

  6. So pretty now! And you did a great job with the glazing! ... Sorry about the flu!

  7. Sorry you were sick, but glad you are feeling better. The rack turned out great. I've used watered down paint for glaze before. It works well. I'm glad you said something about followers, because I was 100% sure I was one, and I was 100% WRONG! I just fixed that!

    Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week!



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