Friday, April 12, 2013

the re-postest with the most-est AND a hostess!

Hey there, and Happy Friday!  

A few of you may be a tad familiar with why I started this ingenious little blog in the first place.

We're building a house!

So today, I have a bit of an updated version of our plan to whet your appetite for DIY-homebuilding.  My lovely new friend, Danni, invited me to guest post over at the Inspiration Ca!

This is Our (new) House.  In the Middle of Our (new) Street.

This is actually a very organic project, cuz I'm kind of a fly-by-the seat-of-my-pants gal.  Moment-to-moment.  That's me.

Please join me over at Inspiration Ca to get the rest of the current (for now) story!!  


  1. You're so funny! I linked to you on my own blog today...twice. Oh...and what would it take to get you to turn off your word verification???? Blogger does an awesome job of filtering spam. In a year and 4 months..I've never had any.

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