Friday, April 19, 2013

whoa-oah...livin' on a prairie...

Not exactly what Jon Bon Jovi had in mind.

Whoa-oah...we're halfway there-ee...

I'm an 80s girl and I saw Bon Jovi in concert when I was about 16 or so.  I was in love.  And promptly shot through the heart.  And you're to blame.

During a JBJ discussion one day (because doesn't JBJ monopolize everyone's convos?), our son pipes up and says, "Hey, didn't they sing some song called 'Living on a Prairie' or something?"

Yep, that's our boy.

Take my hand and we'll make it I swear-ee...
Whoa-oah!  Livin' on a prairie...


We're moving.  More specifically, we're building a new home on a beautiful one-acre lot.  Not exactly a prairie, but thanks to Anthony, that song dances incessantly in my mind now.

So far we've Philly has:
  • Hired our grave digger excavator (and he's also taking care of our septic system and permit)
  • Contracted with our rough framer (Walnut Custom Homes)
    •  I have to say...I love this concept.  We gave them our own super-duper, made-from-scratch plan and they engineered it.  AND, instead of taking months to "stick build" on-site, they are building all the framed wall sections in their climate-controlled factory, and then we'll hire a set crew to put the "puzzle" together when it arrives!  So, the structure will go up in a matter of days instead of months.  Gotta love that!
  • Checked out the plumber (crack)
  • Got our construction loan/title search going
  • Investigated whether to go Geothermal or conventional (not decided) and getting bids
  • Got our house plan approved by "the committee"

  • Got our building permit lined up   
  • Getting bids on footings, flatwork, and poured walls
  • Determined the most efficient/low-maintenance windows and got those all to the Pella dude for a quote (Pella 350s) 
  • Getting bids for electrical 

So far Andi has:
  • Picked out her kitchen cabinets (sort of) -- definitely wants Shaker from Conestoga
  • Picked out a countertop (sort of) -- is too overwhelmed at the thought of picking out granite -- is afraid she might end up hating it and then be stuck forever -- will most likely go with high-end laminate (for now.... wooohahaha)
  • Bought a bunch of crap (to refurb) to go in the new house 
  • Changed the colors of the exterior of the house 17 times
  • Beat her head against a wall trying to decide what type of wood flooring to use
  • Chewed off all the dog's toenails trying to decide what kind of hangy-downy lights to put over the island
  • Bought more crap (to refurb) for the new house and filled up every nook and cranny of current house with that crap
  • Written (what she thinks are quite witty but her husband doesn't laugh) blog posts
  • Spent lots of time cracking up at her own supposed wittiness
Clearly, Andi has done WAY more than Philly.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post I'll be sharing at Tongue In Cheek Tuesday.  I'm completely obnoxious.  And I can't wait.



  1. Best 80's hair band for sure! You only changed your house color 17 times?!! Chewed off the dogs toenails?? That's a new one on me! Tell your husband your posts are quite witty. I cannot wait to see your post. I know it's going to be awesome! Thanks for the promo shout-out Andi!

  2. Can't wait to see your outfits! Also I hope amongst that crap there is a bed of roses for you while a husband who doesn't find you witty sleeps on a bed of nails

  3. LMAO - you're so WITTY - and pretty and wise - and what the hell does hubby know .............
    EXCEPT - gag me with a spoon biting your dogs toe nails off -
    YAY - we have one more nutcase joining us on Tuesday - I asked John to take a photo of me the other night and he absolutely refused to - so will probably have to practice taking photos in front of a mirror - ( unless I tell him there's a financial prize for doing it )
    See ya Tuesday
    Big hugs,

  4. Yay for you for being Tongue-in-Cheek! Can't wait to see your outfit (and your new house)!

  5. such a beautiful spot to build. congrats. Also we went geothermal and so far so good. let me know if you have questions! it only cost us about 2k more than a normal HVAC in the end due to the tax rebates etc we just got back. let me know if you have questions lady!


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