Sunday, April 21, 2013

no. more. gray. box. ever. ever! EVER!

We currently live in what we like to refer to as a "big, gray, plastic box."  It's really not that big, but it is definitely gray and plastic.  Well, more of a silvery-gray, with a smattering of red(ish) brick and door, and just a hint of Parthenon.

We chose this siding/brick ensemble because a house up the street had the same combo and we liked it.  (And we had about 5 minutes to pick something out so this was it.)  But since that house was a completely different style, ours came out just...meh.  And after 14 years in a gray house, there's no way I'm going to live in anything other than an earth-tone home.

Okay, so maybe our house isn't the most hideous thing you've ever seen.  It certainly provides more shelter than this ramshackle hut in Greece (sheesh...why don't they just knock that thing down and put it out of its misery?) But I just can't wait to get into a more "earthy-looking" home in an "earthy-looking" neighborhood.

Or, as we refer to it around here (thanks to Dr. Jeanne and her sister Sara--you know who you are), as the suburban phenomenon known as:
"Taupe Town"

Yes, we definitely want brown tones.  De-Definitely.

As we drew up our new dream home plan, we put brown stone on the face, taupe siding on the sides, and a lovely weathered-wood roof.  We kept changing it up with slightly different colors until we finally came up with what we LOVED:

Except I'm not sure we ever really did.  It was all warm and fuzzy and squishy and brown-ey, {BROWNIES!!  YUM!!} but I don't think it ever really spoke to me us.

So, last weekend, just for poos and giggles, I says I says, "Philly???  Ummm...just for poos and giggles...can we change the stone, roof, and siding to.... ummmm... 

{Immediately I wince and cower while waiting for his Power Rangers slippers to go flying into my face.}

Surprisingly, he shrugs, opens the program, and changes the colors. 

Suddenly, my new home looks like this.  And I'm in love.

Maybe gray isn't so bad after all...

After all, if this color combination can occur so perfectly in nature, who am I to argue??



  1. I love both ideas, but I guess the second one has more energy, maybe because of the pop of red of the door. Have you tried the "earth tones" but with a colourful door, say blue or red? Maybe your husband is going to hate me...

  2. i am a brown and warm tone kind of girl all the way so i always vote for brown!! but, i do love what people do with grays as their color too. either way it will look gorg!


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