Saturday, September 7, 2013

i am glute and bicep woman...hear me vomit

My Dad is a handy guy to have for a dad.  If he's not your Dad, too can't have him.  He has a Suburban and a ginormous enclosed trailer that we shamelessly borrow whenever we feel like hauling house crap around.

If you recall, we chose to hang the insulation bats in lieu of hiring a "professional."  And Phil decided to staple the hell out of his knee.

Anyway, Philly took Dad's rig to the box store of ill repute to pick up the blow-in insulation for our attic.  (It was on sale with a rebate, and until we hear they won't give us our door money back I guess we can still shop there.)

This is about half the load...I forgot to take a picture when the trailer was full.

 My Pack Mule in action:

Pay no attention to the shirt he's wearing.  That may or may not give a clue about where we bought our horrible doors...

As a little aside, we were quoted $7500-$10,000 to have the insulation installed by a "professional."  (ALL the insulation--the bats and the blow-in.) My man is getting the job done for a mere $2500.  With a little slave labor from your favorite house elf.

He bought 70 bags of insulation today and I helped him unload them all. They were about 30 pounds each. He hauled them out of the trailer and into the house, and I carried each and every single one down these stairs.

Well, he did carry ONE bag down.  Slacker.

I thought I was going to puke.  That's what I get for letting myself get chubby and out of shape.  Which is perfect since I have my 25-year class reunion at the end of the month.

Does anyone know how to lose 30 pounds in 3 weeks?

If not, 20 pounds will do in a pinch.

My ass is killing me.  My quads are killing me.  Pretty much everything hurts.  Except maybe my armpits.

No, they hurt too.

I was hallucinating by the end.

All 70 bags in the basement.  Wait.  You can see her too?
Thank God I'm not the only crazy one.

The other side of the room (these bags were opened a bit so they were segregated):

OH!  And we got drywall.  It's going to start looking like a house pretty darn soon now...

Twinkletoes.  And my sister- and brother-in-law, Nancy and Mark!

Another hallucination?

I think not.


  1. Did you carry the drywall toooooo???

  2. Wanna know how to lose 30 lbs in 3 weeks? Carrying 70 bags of insulation downstairs is a good (but not fun) start!

  3. Wow! Keep being a house elf and in a few days, your body will be in perfect shape!


  4. Actually, I have a diet that will make you lose 20 lbs in 2 weeks. Seriously. It's the original "Mayo Clinic Diet" circa late '60's. My MIL put me on it and I did lose 20 lbs. Couldn't look at hard boiled eggs or canned spinach for YEARS. And I'm sure the Mayo Clinic had nothing to do with this diet! Anyway, be sure to post pics of how this stuff is blown in. (I'll leave the visual on that up to you!) I want to see how it's done!

    1. I have hard-boiled eggs for lunch today! No spinach tho.

      And there will definitely be pictures of the insulation. Should be interesting...

  5. If you carry those bags back UP the stairs, you may lose a few pounds.

  6. Where is a shirtless guy when you really need him to carry stuff??? You are getting closer to a real house all the time girl! Any luck selling yours?

  7. I just had a heat stroke reading this, Andi. My butt hurts for your butt.

  8. hahahaha. I think after you guys get this house done, you need a relaxing vacation at Disney. I would have made a slide on those stairs and pushes all those bags down!!!!

  9. I would be so happy to assist you in the moving of heavy items if only I hadn't broken my back in 2009 and weren't so lazy. I'm concerned about the doors. I want to get in on the action if that certain store doesn't do what they should.


  10. This was so exhausting! and now I'm tired! You're a better woman than me! Whew! How exciting to be building your dream home!

  11. I am behind on reading your posts. :( Yay for the cool vessel sink (had never heard of that before, but I am learning all sorts of things from your blog!) and for your pot sticker. Also, great deal on getting the insulation at such a savings-- it helps you figure out what your time is worth, eh? :)

  12. Pack men........are awesome, well the real live ones are the little ones that live in a game not so much................oh yeah I have a awesome dad just saying

  13. OMG!!! You carried all those bags? You guys are really putting all your blood, sweat, and tears into this house. It'll all be worth it, but you may need a holiday when it's all done. I know I would!

  14. Keep hauling those bags that will see you 20 pounds lighter soon :)

  15. look at you. saving money and getting skinny all at once!

  16. I'm sorry...who stapled his knee? Good for you being a good house elf, I would have claimed that it's not women's work and made the husband do it all by himself.
    HAHAHAHAHAHA...and then made him a sandwich as a reward. I'm good like that.

  17. BAHAHAHAHA! And you call me funny! You're hilarious! This certainly brightend my day at the office. :)

    New follower!

    xoxo Kylie

  18. Keep working on the house like that and you will lose at least 20 pounds!
    I was supposed to help blow insulation once but found out I was allergic to something and almost passed out because I couldn't I'd be no help at all and would be out sitting in my car with the windows rolled up. ;)

  19. I don't think you were supposed to be breathing in all that insulation. ;)


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