Monday, September 9, 2013

the day i wrestled five live anacondas

Crap.  Okay, they weren't really live.

And maybe they weren't really anacondas.

But there were 5 of them.  Honestly.

Remember the other day when I nearly died?  You know...death by bags of insulation?  I completely forgot to tell you about the other part of the day.

We don't have curbs and gutters in our new 'hood because we're in the "country."

And yet, we can't have chickens or llamas.

And I want llamas.  And chickens.  Cuz I love me some fresh eggs.  Chicken eggs, not llama eggs.

But maybe it's for the best since the anacondas would probably eat the llamas.  And the chickens.

And the eggs.

Anyway, we've decided to live ditch-free so we bought (5) 20-foot sections of black plastic culvert pipe to connect our driveway culvert with that of the next-door neighbor.

And we had to drag them off the shelf and shove them in my dad's trailer.  No mean feat.  I nearly died again.

Natch, I missed my photo op with all 5 anacondas in the back of the trailer.  And I wish I had video of the wrestling match.  It was epic.

But I did take some crap pics on my phone in the near-dark.

You're dying to see, I know...otherwise I'd have to feel foolish for even yapping about this.

Picture 3 more anacondas in here along with these 2.
Notice how they don't really fit in the trailer?  Yeah, that was fun.

Here's Philly choking one to death:

"One more to kill for my fair maiden."

Another one bites the dust.

Geeze.  Why doesn't someone mow our yard?

See how it's going to turn out?  When we have our final grade, they'll fill the ditch with dirt and bury the culvert so we have a nice, flat yard all the way to the street.


OH!  And Philly officially hung the first 2 pieces of drywall.  He started with something simple.

The bathroom.  {not simple}

The first piece going up!

Only 9,354,174 pieces to go.
I can almost pack my bags.


  1. We used to do a haunted trail for school kids. That is exactly what we used for our twisting slithering snakes. Works in the dark every time.

  2. Is Philly humping that anaconda? You know, in the photo where it's between his legs?


  3. Oh Go Philly, what a man saving his fair maiden. So this may sound dumb but it doesn't get used here, what is drywall? I thought it was the same a plaster but I remember being told that it isn't.

  4. Like Indiana Jones, I HATE snakes! I also hate hanging drywall.

  5. Haha Janie. You are funny. What a treat that will be to mow when it's done! I'm with Kirby. Although it's not the hanging I's the finishing. I always say, "for the next reno we do, let's hire that out", but we never do and I always get stuck taping and mudding. BTW, a faux paint job hides a lot These are exciting times for you guys!

  6. Ha! I am so glad you survived all your near death misses. You must be like a cat with all your lifes!

  7. guys are amazing building a house. I am completely mind-blown. Secondly..thank God you survied the anaconda's...totally too close for comfort. ;)


  8. Oh you brave girl! Glad you survived your near-death experience! can practically pack your bags!!

  9. LOL! Whew!! I hope you don't have anaconda nightmares!!!

  10. what a scary evening for you! you are a fighter girl, and that man of yours...

    haha, and really are you hanging all the drywall yourselves? you ARE DIYing this house! we hired that part out. we are wimps.

  11. All the work here makes me think....CONDO. You guys are quite the adventurers! And how dumb am I that I never really noticed that they put DRYWALL on the ceiling? I always thought that part was made of...uh...ceiling? Love, Dum-Dum

    1. Do you come back and read my replies? I'm just curious. :)

  12. You're doing drywall?! You're my hero. Not really. You're my heroine. Not the drug mind you. I don't do drugs. Not that kind anyway, but don't judge me...I'm a child of the 60's.

    But enough about me. I hate snakes, and anacondas are weally, weally scary ones. Thanks to you, I will never look at culvert pipes in quite the same way again. That's still about me, isn't it?

  13. Those are Llama beans, not eggs. :) We actually bought some at a farmer's market once, and I almost choked laughing at the name which was printed on the bag. In fact that is why I bought them because I thought it was so funny. They went into my garden for fertchilizer.

    Your snakes are awesome. Just knowing how many rodents they will --shelter-- (pretend that was a strike through- Blogger wouldn't accept my tag!) eat must put your mind at ease. :D [I sure love giving you a hard time. :)]

  14. I would REALLY like to see that video. Why don't you re-lug all those anacondas and get that posted. :) And what do you mean no chickens or llamas? I think you need to discuss that with somebody official.

  15. I bet that was something to see! LOL!
    I love seeing your house come together. :)

  16. The drywall is white? Americans are so clever! The one we put in bathroom and kitchens in France is green! So it took two coats of primer before I could paint it! See, one less coat of primer for you: I say pack your bags early!

  17. Hi Andi,
    I just discovered your blogo last night and I CAN NOT STOP READING (and laughing MAO!).
    You are absolutely hysterical and determined. We just got new neighbors and I have been stalking them from my windows and they look like drips. I know at this point in my life I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but common, sometimes we ladies just know! I will keep an open mind and bring them a welcome to the neighborhood basket full of crap they will love (seriously-I pack a great welcome basket).
    Anyway, why am I telling you all of this? Glad you asked....because it would just rock if you were my new neighbor. It could get dangerous for all the other neighbors though, I'm just sayin'.
    I am a new follower! I have a blog as well but my entries are pitifully sporadic because most of the time I am saving the world single handily!


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