Saturday, September 21, 2013

shut the front door!

You know how they say a dog and his/her owner sometimes look alike?


And, of course, my favorite pair:

It occurred to me that as much as we were designing a completely different house...they kinda look alike.


The old house is a split. The new house is a ranch.  But similar nonetheless.

They're certainly not I-Dentical...

Come to think of it, when you compare the actual houses (as opposed to our current house vs. the computer rendering), they don't look all that similar.  Yet.

I agonized over the perfect shade of red for the front door.  (I pointed out a red I liked to the paint guy and he said it was a good one.)
So I went with Benjamin Moore Heritage Red. 

{I always laugh when people abbreviate Benjamin Moore as "BM."  It just makes me think of poop.  That's what my Mom called poop when we were growing up.
But we didn't know BM stood for bowel movement.
We thought it was an actual word..."Beeyam."}

We were all geniuses.

The paint looks like blood.  Just what I was going for!

 I used our sprayer.  Let's just say the front door is fiberglass and I suck at not making brush marks.

My little viscosity tester:

 The sprayer did a pretty fine job.  Meet Sprayer:

Ready for the red?

Beeyam!  (I mean...BAM!!!)

 For your further viewing pleasure:

Makes a difference, doesn't it?


<le sigh>

The exterior is closing in on being finished...

Next up on delusions...

The pole-dance pole.

Or...the front-porch column.

You decide.


  1. OMG! I LOVE IT!! Whoohoo! That really pops!

    Dagan and Leah loved the open layout of the townhouse they rented for several years--so much so that they basically chose the same layout when they built their house. Hey--whatever you like, you like!!

    Dagan and Leah have a red door, too! ;)

  2. In Indiana, my house that I lived in for 60 years was bright white, with gray shutters and a gray roof. Right before I sold it (of course) I chose a dark red for the front door, knowing a lighter red would not look right and too "shocking" a difference. It was SPECTACULAR. With your gray siding and stone, the shade YOU chose was PERFECT for the combination.

  3. Love it, Andi! I've never used a paint sprayer before, but I see them more and more lately. It gave your door a perfect finish :)

  4. NIGHT and day Andi - just gorgeous!!!
    I've never used a professional sprayer - I'm scared of them lol but what a beautiful job it does - you'd swear you bought it like that!
    And I don't think Phil looks like your fur baby at all lol

  5. Lovely... how wonderful it must be to have a brand new house!

  6. My front door is red. My red is not as good as your red. Your houses are not i-dentical. They have a vague similarity. I love My Cousin Vinnie.


  7. Well, genius...I think you found the perfect red.
    Can't wait for you to myoove into your new house.
    I crack myself up.

  8. Gotta love a red door! I happen to have one myself. You must have good taste ; )

  9. I like the look of the red door, you know what I don't like a row of houses that all look the same.......

    1. There are so many neighborhoods where everything looks the SAME!!!! I wanted to completely avoid that. I have to say that our (new) neighbor 2 doors down also has a gray house, but we are the only 2 gray houses in the whole 'hood!!


  10. Beeyam! Love the red!

    I vote for the pole dance pole next...


  11. I love your BM red!!!!. You are too darned funny my friend. I peed a little when I read this and I definitely want to see your pole dance pole!!

  12. That is beautiful! My front door is still unpainted...11 years....I can't decide on a color.

  13. My house is brown and cream... I would love a red door, but I doubt it would look good with the colors I have now. I love yours, you did a great job painting it. That photo of your husband and dog is hilarious... and so true! They do look similar! Ha!!

  14. I love the super bloody red door! It just pops against the gray perfectly. Now I can envision a huge pot of vibrant yellow mums to welcome fall. Yellow, red and gray just always look so good together. If you were my new neighbor I would bring you bright yellow mums and feel all proud of myself as I walked back home!

  15. The red makes a world difference! And it coordinate so well with the electric wire on its right!
    Next post is about you pole-dancing in front of your soon-to-be neighbours??? Oh, please make sure this is up for Tuesday evening... I have a long day on Tuesdays and the thought of you pole-dancing would probably help me go through the day!
    I wonder if I look like my cats... Oops, maybe it's time I take care of those whiskers!

  16. The res looks lovely, I have that same prayer and never used it...even a sprayer doesn't make me want to paint!

    The houses have similarities but not identical at all, besides we all have certain things we love and just stay with, the new place is coming up so nice!

  17. That red is so sassy - I love it! We are in the market for a paint sprayer, but just haven't taken the plunge yet. Basically, the entire interior of our place needs painted and we are sooooo lazy.

    I think it goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway - Cannot WAIT for pole dances.

  18. so who will be doing the pole dancing??

    I agree with amy...sassy and flashy! (the flashy also works with the pole dancing!)

  19. There is an uncanny resemblance there...hmmmm....between Phil and your sweet pooch (just realized don't know his/her name) CRAP What kind of friend am I? I am in love with your door. I keep looking at mine, boring old white and think, I need to zazz this up....deep turquoise maybe? now I am thinking bloody red....I have a gray house too!

  20. All the cool people have red front doors. What's that you asked me? What color is the door on Zoe Cottage? Why, red of course!! :D

    Lovely job on the paint slingin' girl friend. I could have used you and your sprayer when I painted ours. It might have a brush stroke or fifty showing... ;)

  21. And here I thought my mother was unique ;).

    To sure I should admit this in blogland, but I had a pole. It was my daughters. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    I like the red!

  22. I have been asking for a red door for years! But I totally can't paint. And I'm lazy. Love it! And my husband, every time he says "identical," uses the My Cousin Vinnie inflection and hand gesture.


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