Thursday, September 5, 2013

the pot filler, the vessel sink, and the butthead

First, the pot filler.  Or as we like to call it, "the pot sticker."  Because we can never call anything by its real name.

I did a kitchen post a while back and fessed up that I was NOT building the ever-popular white kitchen.

I had tons of compliments on the look I was going for.  And that's why I blog, plain and simple.  The ego stroke.

Here's a refresher on the basic kitchen look I'm going for:


See that thing below the range hood?  THAT's a pot filler.  It's an extra faucet mounted on the wall over your cooktop for easy pot filling.

But mostly it's very cool-looking.

Here are some more pot-filler pics (and I love that tile):



And here's the one I bought in action (not my kitchen):


And here's my actual pot filler in the box:

Isn't she lo--vely...Isn't she won--der--ful...

That song has been playing in my head, not because of this pot filler, but because I'm channeling Ian Somerhalder's thoughts and ALL he can think about is MOI.  Yum.

I got my pot sticker in the mail yesterday and was excited to tell my good friend Suzan at Simply Suzan (an excellent, funny, awesome blog) that her vote tipped the scale!  That's why I decided to go ahead and buy one!

She had no freaking clue what I was talking about.

In addition, she apparently has no freaking clue what a pot sticker filler is.

To know Suzan is to love Suzan!

I also bought a vessel sink and faucet for the guest bath.  We're going to make our own bathroom vanity from a dresser we bought!  (You know how Philly loves the projects I plan for him.)  And the boy's got nothing but time on his hands.

I begged him to let us "make" our own vessel sink, too.  He thought that was a great idea.  In that plucking his nose hairs one-by-one is a great idea.  I bought a couple super-cool, awesomely-fine glass bowls and this short conversation ensued:

Philly: "No way can I cut through that glass and make it work for a sink drain."

Me:  "I thought you said you could do anything!  You lied to me."

Philly:  "Cutting through that glass is not going to happen."

Me:  "What can you cut through?"

Philly:  "A box containing a vessel sink."

Game, Set, and Match to the Butthead.

Anyway, here's the vessel sink I bought that came in a box that I was able to cut through without any help from you-know-who.

And the faucet.  The guest bath will be my one ORB room...pretty much everything else will be brushed nickel or the like.

You like?

Oh, and this...just because it's hilarious.

And it will probably freak Suzan out.


  1. I am actually one of those people that would totally use the pot filler daily :)

  2. Before I even finished reading I sent your post to Jules, he is in love (he does a lot of the cooking here) that is a freaking brilliant idea, we are getting one!

  3. I missed voting on a pot sticker?

  4. Pot filler seems like the ultimate chic to me and will probably avoid all the water drops I always have on my kitchen floor! I wonder what you'll come up with next! And I can't wait to see the vanity Phil's going to do following your instructions.

  5. I wanted a pot sticker so bad before we tiled the back splash, it didn't happen :( I can't wait to see it finished!!!

  6. Your pot sticker is lovely! So is your sink! And yes...Suzan will freak over your video!

  7. Expensive tile kept us from installing one when we bought our house...sigh. I would use it so much. I shall live vicariously thru you, Andi.
    Make sure you tell Suzan that pot stickers also attract squirrels. heeheeheee
    Or possums in cute ski sweaters. I want Ratatouille.

  8. AGHHH - you got the Pot - Filler - TOLD you it was a good idea LMHO..................
    You could have reminded me what it was you know lol - I've been drowning in comments from the give away - I'm going to use that as an excuse Andi !!!
    AND I happen to think that little possum is adorable - do not stick him in the pot to make possum soup!!!

  9. That pot sticker is pure genius.


  10. Now I'm jealous that you have a pot sticker and I don't. Why didn't the people who lived here before me put in a pot sticker when they remodeled the kitchen? What were they thinking? I hate them.


  11. I want a pot sticker!!! Super jealous!!! I do not want a vessel sink, though the husband does, someday. I worry that they'll be hard to clean...and I dislike cleaning the bathroom enough that I don't want to make it more difficult. :)

  12. Now I have pot sticker envy. It's so gorgeous!!!

  13. I love pot stickers, and I love this post! (Does that stroke your ego enough?)

    Just in case, I'll keep going. I love the inspiration pics (the tile in the first one is gawwgeous). Your kitchen is going to be fabulous! And I probably shouldn't admit this, but Fisherman's nickname (according to me) is butthead. It's great for the sex life ;)

  14. wooohoo we did that with our guest bath too. dresser turned vanity ($50 dresser from 3rd sunday market in bloomington!)
    we call it our pinterest bathroom.
    cant wait to see your kitchen come together, thats the best part!

  15. I love your pot filler! I regret not installing one as we built our own kitchen and even tossed around the idea :( Love your possum video. Too funny!!

  16. I want a pot filler! Like bad. Crazy bad. Does your dad travel?

    1. My dad loads up his Model T and my mom and they snowbird to Florida for the winter. They're nuts.


  17. I want that pot filler! You've got great stuff here. I so envy that counter table in the first photo and you're pot filler is gorgeous and so with your vessel sink. I wished though that you took a picture of it when you installed it. You've got great ideas. I am also planning to buy a vessel sink. Hopefully we will start the bathroom renovation a month from now.


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