Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the kitchen {the farewell tour part 6}

This will be the final installment of the farewell tour.  I left the kitchen for last because it's the most important room in the house, right?

I know.  Men would argue the bathroom is more important.

I thought I was so cute.  And so SMART with that wallpaper.

When was I so young??  And where's my hammer?

Some in-progress shots:

What the hell was I thinking?

Thank goodness we tore it down a few years later.

And put up more wallpaper.

Remember this from the kitchen renovation demolition?
(Of course you don't.  I'm the only one who read my blog back then.)

And here's what it looks like today:

OH WAIT! You wanted me to clean first?

I thought you wanted to know what it really looks like right now.

Okay, I'll show you the pretend photos that show up on the listing.


I do have to say that I still really like my painted backsplash.
And I hardly ever like anything I make.
Well, I made my kids and I like them.

You'll notice the wine rack is empty.  I couldn't make the box fit.

And now you know...the rest of the story.

Did you miss the other parts of the tour?  You can see them here:


  1. Ohhhhhh sexy lady!! I am loving those shorts! I think you have done such a nice job on your kitchen and anybody would love to live there.

  2. Oh, good. I'm glad Heather liked it, cuz I do too, and didn't want to be weird (or more so). PAINTED the backsplash?? Do you have a blog post on it?? I love it! Was it already tiled and you painted them? 'Cmon, spill yer guts girl. Inquiring minds want to know! Dona

    1. Hahaha thanks Dona! No it wasn't tiled before...I painted right on the wall! And yes, there are 2 posts. If you scroll up in this post, there's a link to the kitchen (renovation) demolition where I show how I painted the backsplash. I did my mom's the same way too!

      Here's mine:

      And here's my moms:


  3. Interesting shorts and some sort of bra-like thing with a vest? I'm not sure. I was young once upon a time, though. I mostly wore ripped jeans and a denim work shirt with no bra. That was before breastfeeding made my boobs less perky. Now I'm just one big bag of sag. Are those granite counter tops I see before me? But you're not using granite in the new house, right? My kitchen has black granite. I'm sure I've mentioned once or twice that I did not design my kitchen. The kitchen I designed in Maryland was the best kitchen ever.


  4. Looks good and a nice size too, I have only a small kitchen, a good kitchen for killing cats, just take cat swing it around and around then clean up the blood......sorry I am being gross.......and I would never kill a cat........just saying

    1. BAAAA!! You and my dad would get on swimmingly!! He hates cats! He thinks the only good cat is a dead cat. Did I just type that out loud? Yep, it's a good-size kitchen, especially for the size of the house and the location. Most of the houses in our hood have tiny kitchens with no cabinets. We've got loads of cabinets AND a closet pantry. And buyer... Yet :/

  5. Looks great! I do like your backsplash. Lots of room and lots of cupboards--what every woman wants! :)

  6. Any girl who buys boxed wine is a girl after my own heart, and I love the shorts (and kitchen). Bring some of that wine over and we'll hang out by the piano bar.

  7. Any girl who buys boxed wine is a girl after my own heart, and I love the shorts (and kitchen). Bring some of that wine over and we'll hang out by the piano bar.

  8. I can't get past the shorts, Andi. Holy crap we wore the weirdest things, didn't we? I have hidden all my crazy outfit pics...don't want my kids using them against me. Your posts always make me laugh. Hope the house sells quickly!

  9. bahahaha, damn box!!! The second wall paper was pretty nice I think, but I liked the last version better. You could have totally been a wall paper model xo

  10. OK - best line in Bloglandia this month - you couldn't make the box fit LMHO !!!!
    That painted black splash is amazing - and you were the cutest wall paper advocate :)

  11. Be honest...the box was empty! You are one hot wallpaper model! BTW your kitchen is gorgeous.

  12. Wallpaper model!Seriously, give me that outfit. It's the best.

    xo Kylie

  13. I so remember those days! Wallpaper..ugh! I love the painted back splash though...and the box wine. ;)

    Love reading your blog....I adore your humor! :)


    haha I love it.
    And that backsplash is painted?? It does not look that way! You did a good job!

  15. Painted backsplash and you say you aren't crafty!?! Wow! Holy Guacamole!! That is awesome! Glad you departed from the wallpaper era. If I never have to peel another strip of paper I will die a happy woman. :D

  16. OMG, you just crack me up! I love the pics of you in the suspenders and high waisted shorts! So 80s early 90s!! LOVE IT!
    Just wait till you see my post on my kitchen re-do! Talk about loud wallpaper!
    I'm with you on the box-o-wine! We need to design an attractive holder for those. wink
    Your kitchen turned out lovely and perfectly staged to sell!

  17. I had a 90210 flashback when I saw your pictures (the original one, if I may dare to say..) I love what you did with your kitchen and the garbage-bag free pictures are really nice!

  18. WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS BLOG BEFORE???? Do I have alzheimers and just don't remember?

    You were, are, is, am, damn cute. Cute as a button. And those backsplash tiles are PAINTED????

    You are a marvel. And now I feel like a slug.

  19. You did look cute!

    I think I had those shorts- and thanks to Miley Cyrus, I think they're back in style again! I will never don a pair of high waisted pants again, ever. I don't care WHO says they look great! Likewise neon with a tan.

  20. Well how cute were you??!! Couldn't fit the box in the wine rack! You crack me up...always! Nice job and show ready!


    I do hope you'll incorporate those suspenders into your pole dance.

    And your kitchen is beautiful. Love that backsplash!

  22. You totally could have starred in Flashdance. And one can never, ever have enough wallpaper.

  23. I thought you used tiles for the backsplash but I'm so surprised to know it was just painted! Your kitchen looks so inviting and spacious. I'm pretty sure you enjoy preparing your meals in this cozy room. Did you redesign your place all by yourself? If so, you work like a pro! :)


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