Thursday, September 12, 2013

the crap sandwich {delusional rant #3}

About a decade ago, my hubby picked me up for lunch and took me to Applebees.  I remember they had a brand-new sandwich on the menu.  It was a Philly Steak.  (I of my favorite sandwiches is the Philly.  Crazy, right?)

Anyway, the sandwich was disgusting.  The "meat" looked and tasted like pieces of worn-out tires.  It was that bad.  

And the server disappeared.  So I ate my fries, and by the time the server returned, Philly was finished with his lunch, and it was time for me to get back to work.

We told the server how bad the sandwich was, and he offered to get me another one.

Now I ask you...why would I want an identical crap sandwich made from the same crap pieces of tire?

Thank you just the same; we would not like another crap sandwich.

He didn't offer to take anything off the bill...just said, "Oh...sorry."

I later sent an e-mail to Applebees and they were smart enough to do the right thing and sent me a gift card.  

They did what was expected to make it right with their customer.

Enter MENARDS.  Remember this post?  Yeah.  I filled out their "Guest Complaint Form" and explained exactly why their doors we purchased were crap.  I sent pictures of the veneer coming up.  I told them how dissatisfied we were with their product and we'd like to return the doors for a full refund.

We got a boilerplate letter from MENARDS:

...saying they were sending the complaint on to the manufacturer, MIDWEST MANUFACTURING.

MENARDS owns MIDWEST MANUFACTURING.  Let's pass the buck from Peter to Paul, shall we?

Here's the letter we received from MM:

Thank you just the same, we would not like another crap sandwich.

Let alone 11 more crap sandwiches.

Needless to say, I will not be ordering 11 replacement crap sandwiches.

Know what you're buying.  Know who you're buying from.

Know if they're going to stand by their products.

Clearly MENARDS knows that MIDWEST MANUFACTURING produces CRAP (MASTERCRAFT a.k.a MASTERCRAP) doors.  They know they're nothing but chinese garbage because clearly they do not stand behind their product.

Nothing would make me happier than to load up their crap doors, dump them in their parking lot, and set them on fire.

Just before I finished this post, I read Sherry's post at Young House Love where she recounts her experience in NYC on 9/11/01. 

Suddenly, my doors don't seem that important anymore.

But it definitely reinforces that I always need to verify products are made in the USA, and that those manufacturers stand behind their products.

To leave you on a happier note (and because I need to calm myself down as well), I'll leave you with Eddie.

Because just looking at him makes you feel better.

God Bless Eddie, and God Bless the USA!


  1. Yeah. Eddie makes me feel better. Menard's had better give you back your money, or they will feel the wrath of Junebug.


  2. We often travel to the U.S. and once upon a time ate at Applebees where my husband had a crappy dinner. We never went back. Never been to Menards but I feel your pain.

  3. Customer service has apparently been outsourced as well, as in...there is none!! I don't eat at Applebees, but thanks for the warning! I have never had a problem with Menards, but I never tried to return doors. I don't blame you one bit, I wouldn't want more of the same crap either! ;)

  4. Well, you'll have to refuse more crap doors and "in writing" state that you want a refund and they can come and get their crap doors. Send copies to both them and their subsidiary crap outfit. What jerks! But, you are more than correct...Eddie makes me feel better. ;)

  5. That's what I have been preaching--know who you are buying from, and know where your stuff comes from. All of it. Your furniture, your doors, and (especially for Eddie's sake) your food. It is more and more difficult, but ask the tough questions.

  6. And that just about says it all for customer service doesn't it????

  7. I feel for you. Quality just doesn't seem to matter and customer service seems non existent! BUT THEN....I just had the opposite experience. We bought a kitchen faucet back in 2006 from our Canadian building store, Rona. The sprayer nozzle broke so I emailed Eurostream and asked them where I could get the parts. They sent me an email letting me know that one was being shipped. When I got it, it was chrome. My set is brushed nickel so I sent them an email and told them how pleased I was with the service and hoped that I could get a brushed nickel sprayer if they still made them I got an email within 25 minutes saying that one would be shipped. Meanwhile I still have the chrome one which is hooked up. All this happened for free. Can you believe it. I totally would recommend Eurostream to anyone. I sure hope Menards steps up to the plate or I would be returning anything I possibly could remove from your house and never deal with that store again! Dirty Rats!!

  8. Oh and Eddie!!!! I didn't forget about him. :)

  9. Oh, good morning sweet little Eddie.
    I think I might call the local news and see if they have a reporter that does consumer complaints. We don't have Menard's around here, but clearly they suck.

  10. Did you tell them you blog? They have the chance to make this right, and as a FELLOW MENARDS SHOPPER, I want them to make this right by you, or by golly I'll blog to my 400,000 readers a year about your crappy doors too if I have too.

  11. Wow. Can you say, "Pass the Buck?" (around the back and to the front again?) Glad we don't have that chain here, but I have had a similar experience with Orange, (or Home Despot as we call it around here). I hope you wrote them back and said, "NO, I don't want you to replace my doors with more of your own, voiding the warranty and giving me more garbage! I want my money back!!" Stick to your guns, Andi. Too bad we can't picket them online! I'd join the picket line! :)

  12. Unbelievable! I do not understand why places always offer to give you another crap sandwich. Makes no sense! So sucky. But...that's what happens when our manufacturing goes overseas.

  13. I've been battling against bad quality since I began remodeling the cottage. I know how frustrating it feels, but just like I say, it's not the end of the world, and somehow we are lucky those are our problems. Eddie is right: life is more important!

  14. Eddie can make any crap sandwich not so crappy. He is darn cute...and those menards people are a-holes. Yep.

  15. That is a crap sandwich, please take a screen shot of your comments I will happily pin the details if their crapoy service all over Pinterest not to mention twitter and fb, get on social media and publicly tell them what you think of their products and (lack of) services!


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