Friday, September 13, 2013

fall monogrammed frame wreath


I am so cram dafty I can't stand myself.

I lie.

I am the least crafty person I know.  The only craft "skillz" I possess are limited to quilting, crochet, and cross-stitch.  Are my Granny Panties showing?

Actual craft stuff has always eluded me.  Not to say I don't like it, I just don't know what the heck I'm doing.  I'm probably better at firing a 9mm than I am firing a glue gun.  And I haven't done either in a while.

I decided to make a fall wreath for my door.  Because I can't stand the pressure of having a blog and not being crafty.  So, I'm pursuing this challenge with alacrity.

I wanted to use what I already have as much as possible.  And since I don't craft, therein lies the challenge.

I dug out an old frame to paint.  I also decided to paint my wreath hanger because it looks like total crap-ola.

I already had spray primer and paint:

OMG it's just like MAGIC!


I bought the garland at the local thrift store for a quarter.  The yellow puddle of fabric is left over from the daisy quilt I made for my daughter.  I finished the edges with heat-n-bond.  But first, I ironed it.  Yay me!

I just eyeballed it when I folded the hem over because I'm a measure once, cut twice kind of girl.  

And ding, dang, dong...I did okay!  I hope I can tie a bow with it.

I thought of making my own F, then thought better of it.  I picked one up at Hobby Lobby for one doll hair.  I already had the scrapbook paper.

Don't ask me why I have it.  I don't scrapbook.

I had to buy Modge Podge, but I figure that doesn't really count as an expense since I'll use it on my next craft about 7 years in the future.

I dried some of my very own roses from the back yard.
I had to slay half a dozen Japanese beetles who were fornicating in the petals, but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

Isn't this how you're supposed to dry roses?  In the shower?
With yarn and binder clips?

So, after painting the frame and hanger, I tied the bow to the frame.  Then I traced the F onto the scrapbook paper, cut it out, and Modged the Podge.  Then I loaded the chamber of the glue gun, plugged it in, and started gluing the garland to the frame.

If you didn't know, hot glue will melt that plastic garland like nobody's business.

And you know that stuff we wear on our fingers called skin?
Yeah.  It will melt that too. 

Then I glued on my F and my roses!

Old frame:  free
Spray paint on hand:  free
Leaf garland:  $.25
Fabric: free
F: $1.00
Modge Podge: $5.00 (I forgot my coupon but I'm not counting this anyway since I barely used any and I'm sure I'll use it again someday.)
Scrapbook paper: free
Glue gun and glue: free (My husband's ex-wife bought it 20+ years ago and somehow I ended up with custody.)
Roses: free  

{Haha!  Gun N' Roses!} 

Technically, I guess this project cost me $6.25 since I bought the Modge Podge.  I'm going with $1.25 since I barely used any of the stuff.

But wait, there's more.  I finished my masterpiece and hung it up!

Oops.  Wonky.

I made a mad dash down to the Dollar General, but the woman had no idea what Sticky Tack was.  I finally found it of my own accord.  I'm so ingenious.  But I spent one more doll hair.

Okay, so the "F" is still a little crooked, but worse things have happened.

Good thing our last name starts with an "F" or people might get the wrong idea.  

And pay no attention to the scratches on the door.  I have no idea how my cat got that high.  I don't give her drugs.  Lately. 

F is for Featured!!

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  1. Very pretty! I've pinned this. Glad I found you through Mel's party.

  2. I love it Andi! I'd say you caught the crafting bug!! I'm off to find an N!!

  3. Good God! You're so talented. You claim you aren't crafty, but obviously you are. I am not crafty in the least. You disgust me, while filling me with awe.


  4. You got a cool new silver towel out of the deal, too! :) Nice job, Ms. Crafty pants! I hate hot glue. I only have a few layers of skin left that has not been removed at its evil hands through the years. Now I stick with less dangerous means of adhesion... like liquid nails. :)

  5. You know that Emoji on Iphone that's crying laughing?! That's the one I would use right now if I could! hahahahaha. You kill me, literally.Highlight of my evening :)

    Cute wreath too!


  6. Love your wreath Andi! And your door colour is fabulous!!

  7. What? YOu got your craft ON, girlfriend!

  8. Ohhh, I love this wreath! I always land up spending way too much on my craft projects, you are a much better bargain shopper...!! Way to go!

  9. OK. I don't want to hear you say you aren't crafty again. This wreath proves you wrong. AND THEN......I clicked on the link to your quilts. Holy Mackrel, Andi! You are amazing! (FYI, "Holy Mackrel, Andy" came from the old radio show "Amos and Andy", but you and I are too young to remember it. Oh, then why do I remember it? Oops.) Dona

    1. Ha! I actually don't remember Amos and Andy, but I certainly remember people talking about it. :) Glad you liked my quilts...I have a lot of fun doing those!!


  10. Ingenious!! Yes, I dry roses upside down, but in a dry place. I hang mine on hangers with clothespins. Whatever works, baby! I have not used a glue gun very many times, but have managed to burn my fingers every single time at least once--LOL! Great job!! :)

  11. Omg Modpodge is $5 my last bottle was $17 and I use it like wine, except I don't drink it. The wreath turned out beautiful, which is one up on my only attempt which ended with jules asking me if it was a steering wheel cover....I wish I was lying!

  12. Not a crafter......pfft. Very very cute girl! I love that you are a measure once cut twice kind of girl, that way we can still be friends! I'm with Mel. Modge Podge here, is very expensive

  13. We suffer from the same malady....granny panty-itis. I craft like you craft...quilts, crochet and cross stitch. But, I think you over came the disorder admirably!!! p.s. You mentioned we have the same pink daisy fabric...ummmm...I have that yellow fabric. Are we twins separated at birth? I have got to have a conversation with my Mom!!

  14. I think you graduated from Crafting 101! The wreath that's not a wreath is perfect. What do I do if neither my family name nor my first name begin with an F?

  15. I am impressed girl! Love that you crafted! Stunned that you ironed and amazed that you got custody of the ex-wifes glue are a force to be reckoned with! Your wreath is really pretty. YOu should totally craft more girl!

  16. cute idea. and drying your very own roses from your backyard too? that is planning!

  17. Hi there! Just hopped over from the Hankful House link party and am glad I found you - I had no idea wreath making could be so funny! Seriously, you got me laughing AND I really like your wreath. The picture frame is a very cool alternative to all those regular wreaths out there. :)

  18. I'm in love with your wreath! Especially how it hangs wonky (a good kind of wonky)!

  19. So creative. Love this wreath. Beats my predictable fake leaves around in a circle :-)

  20. OMG...I am dying over here I am laughing so hard! I HATE those damn Japanese beetles!!! Your wreath is awesome, I do not even have one. I have a food blog, so I'm using that as my excuse. ;) Thank you so much for joining us and sharing at Best of the Weekend! Pinning to our party board, and we hope to see you again on Friday.

  21. This really turned out so flipping cute! I'm so glad you partied with us...yay!! Our next theme is under $20 thrifty upcycle. I know you've got something you can share! :)

  22. This is soooo awesome! I just pinned, tweete & featured it at Pick of the Bunch! You rock, girlfriend!!

    Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. Always thrilled to see you awesomeness and hilarious post!! :)



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