Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the roof...the roof...the roof is on fire

Not literally.

You don't remember that song?

They throw the F-bomb around on this song, so if you have delicate sensibilities (or simply don't want to sit through a really stupid, albeit catchy 3 1/2 minute video), don't watch it.

It is a pretty dumb song and I confess I don't really get it, but they mention Han Solo and a wookiee.  Not in a very clean way, but I'm a Star Wars freak, so there you have it.

Why are we here again?

Oh yeah!  The roof!

Philly and Brent got some of the shingles up a couple weeks ago.  Remember this shot?

They were shingling, but I didn't tell you that.  How could you get past the butt shot anyway?

Here's the section they finished off:

Spidey and his superpals were back on the job today...blazing along.

Here's the g'day mate guy!

We went with Owens-Corning Estate Grey shingles.  I know that was going to be your next question.  I thought I'd head you off at the pass.  We didn't go with either choice here for various reasons.  I won't bore you with detail.

Okay, I didn't like those colors when I saw them on actual houses...happy?

One more butt shot for posterior posterity:

Anyway, our shingles are exactly the same as the ones our neighbor has 2 doors down.  And I think the siding is going to be the same color too.  I hope he doesn't get pissed at me.  Too bad.  Grey is the new Gray.

At least the brick will be different.  But that's a post for another day.  I call it the bird-shit brick.  You'll see why.

OH!  The plumber is here this week.  And he's young and cute.  No, I don't have a picture.  I'll try and sneak one when he's not looking.  But he is wearing a shirt, so calm down chicks.  And I witnessed no plumber crack.

And please tell Philly I take those pictures for YOU, my readers.  I can sense another "lecherous cougar" remark coming on.

Our water heater.  Try and quell your unbridled enthusiasm:

Water hookups so I can slave away in the laundry room:

I could be wrong, but it looks like they printed the instruction sheet upside-down and bassackwards:

Sometimes people can be so dumb.



  1. LOL...OMG...a friend of mine used to sing that song every morning when he was putting the salad bar together at work :) Thanks, now I'm going to have it stuck in my head all night!!!

  2. I thought it was going to be Nelly's version...I liked that back in the day :) Roof is looking great!

  3. I never heard that song before, and have to admit I don't get it either! I do love the roof shots though, or should I say butt shots! The house is coming along really well!

  4. Awesome! Do you just stand in the middle of it all and dream??? I would!

  5. Lovely pictures, as always! I do hope your plumber isn't dumber than mine was!!!

  6. Also never heard that song before. Thanks. Fortunately I didn't listen to the whole thing. Now isn't it interesting. I find the song (I listened as far as the first M-F) disgusting, but the butt shots are.......not. Dirty old woman or healthy female? Oh! Dirty ol' healthy female! And thank you for that! Dona

  7. love the shots for posterity! Can't wait to see it when it's all done!

  8. Great. When I come over to check out that square water heater, cuz I've never seen one, you will make me watch Star Wars and drink Coke.

  9. Your house is looking so nice... ahhh, makes me want a new house so bad. Yeah, I am always glad when I don't see any kind of crack on a worker that comes out! haha!

  10. I REALLY like those shingles! And, while I know most people probably wouldn't say so, the laundry hook up is exceptional! The cover for the drain hole is genius, I wish they always had come with those! And YAY for the water heater! My dream is to have some in-lines put in--especially in the kitchen, but they are SO expensive!

  11. I've never heard that song before. I really like it. It's catchy. I usually like anything with the f-bomb. I'll probably amble around the grocery store, singing it as loudly as possible. That behavior earns me such great stares.


  12. Another one here that doesn't know that song, but screw it...nice butts. (But where's the cracks?)

  13. I love butt shots.

    And I'm suddenly feeling the urge to wake up Joe.

  14. I do remember that song! And for some strange reason, I sing that line when we're doing roofing, particularly when the task is getting a little exhausting. And wow, butt shot of the roofers! That was little naughty. XD On second thought, it is a good way of knowing if they're focused on their job. You can assure you're getting what you're paying for. Excuses. Lol! Tiffany@Maggio Roofing

  15. Lol at roof song and the butt shots of shingling roofers! Can't wait for the house to get finished. Well, I guess it won't be a long wait now that the roof is almost finished and the plumbing next. What a waste you don't have a picture of that young and cute plumber! Please try to sneak some and show us. =D
    [Pleasance @ SheltonRoof.com]

  16. I followed this post from when you were still planning on what materials to use, and I can say that it's so exciting to see your house come to life from the drawing board! The roof looks handsome, by the way. And the way you shared this news with us is so exciting. Good going; I can't wait to see it complete. Good luck!
    Brook @ Central Roofing


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