Sunday, July 14, 2013

the crappers {the farewell tour part 3}

We have three crappers in our house.  

I'm calling them crappers instead of toilets or privies or bathrooms because I want to and because I can.  And because of Thomas Crapper.  Even though he did not invent the toilet.  But according to Wikipedia, he did have something to do with the ballcock.  I'll leave you to research that further.

Anyway, one of the crappers is small and the other two are tiny.  I'm going to start with the basement crapper because it's the same as it ever was.

I have a Diet Coke addiction that I would love to forever get over.  But in the meantime, I love me some Coca-Cola stuff.

I despise Pepsi, BTW.

The (tiny) basement bathroom.  That I've refused to ever re-do.

Because of my addiction.

No before...just as-is:

Although it did get a new floor last year, so I guess that counts for something.

Okay, let's keep things moving.

Next, we'll go to the tiny master bath, or as my friends on Love it or List it (and don't forget the yummies on the Property Brothers) would say, the "en suite."

I love that term.  I've watched so much HGTV that "master bath" sounds totally stupid now.

Without further ado:
(Okay, more ado...)

Again, this is a picture of a photograph.  Apparently I had plain white walls for awhile.  And according to the fingertip towels, I took this picture around Christmas.

Or it could have been Easter and I was just too lazy to take them down.  See the evil scale lurking between the crapper and the shower?  Evil, evil scale.

Then I got crazy with the wallpaper.  Apparently I don't have a picture of the border that ran all the way along the top perimeter, but it was big.  And floral.

Don't mind the 3 inches of dust on top of the decorative hand towels.  I'm sure there was even more in that swag.  I don't know exactly why I took that particular picture, but it was the only one I could find with the wallpaper.

And yes, I traded one incredibly rose-vomited floral shower curtain for another. Although this one was actually kinda pretty.

Then I tore down the wallpaper, but everything else stayed the same.  Except the dust.  I'm fairly certain this dust is fresh.

And finally how my en suite crapper looks now.
It has officially been de-flowered.

I'm shocked at how long a crapper post can be.  At least you'll have something to read while in your crapper.

The grand finale.  The Main-Floor Crapper.

Please watch this short video clip first to get you warmed up:

I thought it was appropriate because a) it's in the shower, and 2) you'll soon be screaming.

Are you ready?

Here's what it looked when I finished working my magic after we moved in:

Are you serious?

I'm not even going to try and defend myself, because there is no defense to be had.

It started with an innocent shower curtain from my sister.  Couldn't I have just let that be the focal point and toned everything else down?  No way.

Scroll back up and look again.  On second thought, don't.  I don't want to be responsible for any seizures.

Okay, so the shower curtain has gone the way of Goodwill, and yes, I tore down wallpaper.  Not all of it though.  Just the upper 2/3.  I'm not sure if I was just tremendously sick of tearing down wallpaper or that I really did like a bit of color.  I'm going with color.  It was such a happy yellow.

The Main-Floor-Crapper Finale:
(It has not been completely de-flowered...but almost.)

I think it has just enough yellow and green to keep it happy.  But some nice bright white to keep it fresh.

(If you pretend you know what you're talking about, people tend to agree with you.)

Well, that's it for this episode.  Did you all survive?

Okay, I'm ready for the abuse.  I can take it.  Bring it on...

Did you miss the other parts of the tour?  You can see them here:


  1. WOW. I think your style has gone from total missy match to a lot more simple. I do like your diet coke bathroom, that is too cool! And, where have I been? I've never heard a master bathroom called an en suite.

  2. I have a coke zero habit I am trying to kick, you can be all outback and call them a dunny. I love the makeover of the second one :)

  3. NO ABUSE HERE - but could you send me the return fare to come help you decorate the new ones?
    You need a little help ( she lovingly said )

  4. Those are some pretty busy looking crappers, and I don't mean folks are waiting in line for a turn.


  5. Um.....totally take Suzan up on her offer because I know she won't let you go floral crazy again!!

  6. Wow, you have evolved in the decorating department. I love your new toned down look and as for the diet coke one, keep your oral addiction cause I think it is less harmful than the visual one. haah. Just Kidding. I actually love how your home reflects you and your personality. I don't care what HGTV or BH&G or the CIA says for that matter. Your home is first and foremost a reflection of you and it is your nest. There are plenty of gorgeous professionally decorated homes out there to inspire and lust after and make us feel we are lacking. I don't think they ever make me feel like I want to go over and have coffee or diet coke with them and laugh and toss ideas around. Been fun hanging with ya this morning.

  7. Guess we have to end our relationship. I prefer Pepsi.

  8. Holy yellow walls, batman! That was some wild decor you had going on in that last one! So, whatcha gonna do in the new house? Have you a grand plan? :)

  9. OMG... totally hilarious!! I have certainly been guilty of decor crimes in the past (maybe even the present) so I will never point a finger. OK, maybe sometimes, but not this time because I would have reused those botanicals in that shower curtain as framed prints. I have to reuse everything. It's a sickness!

  10. I prefer Pepsi, too...sorry. I hope you don't disown me. If so, at least you thoroughly entertained me with this post before you do :)

  11. Ok I liked both the before and after although I can see what others mean about the other being simple elegant but the Coke room well that is awesome I use to only drink Coke now I drink Pepsi Max which has more to do with the budget over here it is often cheaper then Coke

    1. I love the Coke room!! I just can't take the stuff down. In fact, the coke curtain will probably go in the basement of the new house! I can't let it go!!

  12. I loved the Hitchcock reference. I might not be able to shower tonight, though! I love flowers (I know it's not common on blogland), but maybe not flowers on flowers on flowers!

  13. The yummies might also tell you your tastes have "evolved".

  14. Hey Andi, I really enjoyed touring all of your crappers!! That was quite the floral explosion in the original main floor crapper!! I like the Coke room the best, wait that doesn't sound right! Coke Zero Vanilla is my weakness. Thank you for the fun tour!!


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