Thursday, July 18, 2013

what the hell is LittleMyoo?

On more than one occasion people have asked what "LittleMyoo" means.  When I created my Google ID, I had no idea that LittleMyoo would show up everywhere.  (I was a total blog novice.)

But gee, I guess "identity" means "identity."

When I started force-feeding my blog to my dad (without telling him), he deleted the first several e-mails because he had no idea who or what "LittleMyoo" was.  Or why this freak was sending him e-mails.

My friend Janie Junebug, Grammar Queen Extraordinaire, wrote this hilarious post and publicly addressed my screwed-up blog name.

So let's get to it.  My hubby and I tend to speak a language that no one else understands (or would even want to).  For years, every time we would pass a field with cows, we would both start mooing.

That was the beginning.

Then when my mom, my daughter, and I started our little trio choir at mass, mom prompted us to sing "nyew" instead of "new" (nooh).

Following so far?

Philly and I started adding a "y" sound everywhere on words that rhymed with "new."  Dyew, gyoo, Jyew, nyew, pee-yew (okay, that doesn't count).  You get the picture.

Moo became Myoo.  (I'm sorry if you're falling asleep.)

On occasion, Philly and I have been known to overeat.  A lot.  We pretty much feel like cows at that point.  

Naturally, we'll start mooing.  Only now it's myooing. 

Philly quickly became "Myoo" and I became "Little Myoo."

I even got him this little flashlight cow.  He moos...he doesn't myoo.  But that's okay. 

Here's our cow:

I made a voice recording of Philly lowing "myooooooo" and that's my phone ringtone.  And when he calls me, I answer, "myoo??"  People never quite know what to think of it because we both sound like cows mooing.

But not quite.

Mystery solved.  Now have a myoo day.


  1. Hah. You are some weird people. ;) Myooh. But, I totally get it. And, I was wondering about that name, too... glad you cleared it up.

  2. Very interesting. I had wondered about your blog title. It works! Have a myoo day as well :)

  3. I'm nyew from Janie's blog. Now I already know the background secret of the name--whyoohyoo! ;)

  4. Ornery and I have had many of those special-to-us-normal-turned-nonsensical words in our daily conversations for over 35 years! And sometimes they slip out in conversations with others, followed by an instant rush of pink to my cheeks. :) I love that you chose that for your online identity.
    Myoo. :D

  5. Ok, I love it. I totally love it. It's cute, adorable that you both do it, sweet, I just love it! Ut oh. going into sugar overload. Dona

  6. Well that is way better than anything I could figure out!! Myoo2yew.

  7. With my thick, thick, southern accent, anything I say sounds like Myooya'll.

  8. That is so adorable. I'm glad I asked. Having your own special language together is fun, and a very special bond. Love the cow flashlight. I have a lizard flashlight. He makes a weird warrrrrrgh sound. I don't know what he's trying to tell me. I don't speak lizard and it's very frustrating. His name is Larry.


  9. That's a relief to have an explanation that makes sense! At least, is sort of made sense. lol

  10. Lol I think weirdness that only a couple gets is a sign if a great marriage...who wants normal! Myoo forever!

  11. Love it!! That's a sign of a fun family and I'm all for that! Tons of silliness around here too (usually inspired by me --> something I've done or said that is entertaining to the rest of em!)

  12. My hubby and I have our own weird language- as do me and my BFF and a niece and nephew. It's shorthand.

    I so make up fake and terrible jingles for businesses-at my hubby. I sing them at him for a few weeks and have said " it's stunning that I don't get paid for this!"

  13. I am so relieved to know that I'm not the only person who moos (or myoos) whenever they pass cows.

    And I won't even get started on the sheep.

    Thanks for the hilarious explanation. It's all making sense now.

  14. Thanks for that explanation. Must be something wrong with me, I didn't think it was weird that your emails came with that name.

  15. Another myoo-er here. My oldest son started it when he was little. We still do it every time we see cows, which is very often.
    Name understood! Love that your phone moos.

  16. Hilarious! I totally get "myoo". One night my husband and I were out with another couple and the guy was talking about the moon but for some reason he said "myoon" and we all laughed until we cried. Now whenever we talk about the moon we say "myoon". I am a nyew follower and looking forward to keeping up with your funny posts.

  17. I like it so much when in a family there are things you say that only you inderstand. The best thing is to see people's faces when one of these phrases is said in public! Myoo to you!

  18. Aha! I am glad to know this. I wasn't totally sure how to pronounce it. Now if we meet in real life, I won't embarrass myself.


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