Monday, July 15, 2013

birds in my belfry, fire, and sawhorses

Philly's been working me like a house elf.

We spent the whole weekend working at the job site.  I'm so exhausted I can't seem to focus and I keep repeating myself.

Philly's been working me like a house elf.


But we did have a cute little visitor!  Isn't he sweet?

I was so taken with him that I immediately named him......?

I don't remember what I named him, but isn't he cute?  He flapped around for a while and then he'd light...I'd get my camera all focused...then he'd take off again.  Silly bird.

He must have finally found a way out because I don't see him anymore and we never found him "napping" on the floor.

OH!  Philly just told me I named him Morris.  I have no recollection.


So, Philly put me in charge of the burn pile.  I wanted to call it a bonfire, but I guess it's just a burn pile.  I forgot to take a picture, but it looked JUST like a burn pile!

I shouldn't be allowed to be in charge of a burn pile because some of the cardboard pieces got away from me and I went chasing them around and stomped them into oblivion, and this is what I got for my effort.

Do you know how difficult it is to shave around a blister?

Hey little girl is your brain at home...
Did it go and leave you all alone...
I got a real hot pyre...
Ow ow ow...I'm on fire...

I'm a little like Drew Barrymore.  I can't control my fire.



Philly gave me a paint project!  Holla!

But first he built me my very own personalized saw horses.

At first I thought I was getting a seahorse.  How cool would that be?  Then I thought I was getting a teeter-totter.  I think maybe I was getting a seahorse, a see-saw, and a saw horse confused.  Did I mention I was exhausted?

He asked how high I wanted them (I don't high are you?) and I said, "I don't know...belly-button height?"  They're perfect!  I didn't have to bend or hurt my back at all working on my project.

Aren't they cute?  And they're SO happy! 

Anyway, we've got these wooden board things that will frame out our garage doors.  I set to work with our new(ish) little orbital sander.  I've used this sander once before.  I recall having a heckuva time finding the stupid little on-switch.  I couldn't find it.  Again.  It's such a tiny little device...where could it be hiding?  

(Shhh...It's right on the front at the top under that clear plastic thingy.)

I'm searching all over said device and all the while Philly is just staring at me like I've completely lost what's left of my mind.  I just keep repeating, "Where the eff is the switch?!" 

(Or, variations like, "Where's the effing switch?!")

Philly keeps staring.

I start giggling.  And giggle more and more and pretty soon I'm blowing snot bubbles inside my dust mask.  And Philly stares.

He finally had to show me where the switch was.  And wouldn't you know?  It's exactly where it was the last time I used the sander.  Who knew?

My exciting boards all set up:


And just as a little side note, did you know that if you work for hours in the sweltering heat that you barely have to pee?  It's like you can drink as much water as you want and pee.  I'm usually Little Miss Peesalot.  It drives Philly nuts.

Saturday and Sunday?  Seven hours straight and I didn't have to run to the gas station.  Or cornfield.  

Seriously?  You've never used a cornfield?  When I was 13 and detasseled, I would avoid voiding in the field at all cost.  Now?  Not so much.  As soon as you cross the threshold into distance running, every happy cornfield is now viewed upon with joy as nature's outhouse.


  1. I've actually built my own saw horses for my son's electric train table. Yep, I can be handy sometimes!! Ouch, that blister doesn't look like its in a good place... altho, I did jump over fire in Warrior Dash without any blisters to boot. ;)

  2. are too hysterical............
    Did you wake up with the sheets soaking wet and a freight train running through the middle of your head?
    If not - that's really not a burn at all......

  3. I'm jealous of the saw horses, mine are crap from the hardware store those are perfect! Oh pee a lot I've home many a time in bush, stupid outback camping with no toilets, I hated that of course my kids go with my parents and think its the best thing ever!

  4. I'm jealous of the saw horses, too. I don't have any at all. No peeing outside for me if I can help it in any way! Since I was a small child in the country, where all the neighbor kids peed at will, anywhere, I could do nothing but dribble down my leg, soak my socks and shoes...and panties unless I took them completely off. Yeah. Camping with my first husband was a real joy. As I got older I discovered campgrounds with toilets! Heaven sent little abodes! Not all were heaven smelling, but still...I didn't have to pee down my leg. Dona

    1. Yep, been there, done that with the dribble down the leg into the socks and shoes... A few years back our little neighbor boy was wearing a shirt, undies, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. He stood in the back yard, dropped trou and took a whiz. Yep, I took a picture!

  5. I'm very tired too and I read "seahorses" on the title...

  6. Have I told you lately how clever you write?

  7. One time Dallas handed me a can of spray paint and told me to shake it till I didn't hear the ball anymore.

    Me: ~shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake~ Dammit!

  8. What's your house elf name? I cried when Dobby died. I hope Morris didn't "fall asleep" in some spot where you can't see him. He'd get stinky after napping a few days. Even when it's hot and I'm sweaty I still have to pee all the time. People who really know me are aware that they can't let me have a drink and then get in the car for a drive that lasts more than five minutes. I addressed drag and dragged on my blog today.


  9. I don't think my saw horses are as happy as yours and it makes me sad.

  10. That bird definitely looks like a Benedict.

    Just sayin'.

    SWEET Teeter Totters, girl! And they do look so very happy.

    I view any open area as a place to pee. Super small bladder and living in Sedona, AZ for five years while hiking taught me "Pee where you can, girl!"

  11. OMG! I'm at work and started laughing so hard reading your post that tears actually ran down my face. You are a stitch! My hubby's name is also Phil and I could so picture my Phil just standing there looking at me too! Just too funny!!!!


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