Friday, July 19, 2013

g*#d@%%!# andi!!!!

It's so hot here I can practically feel the skin melting off my leg.  Oh wait.  It was melting off, but that was from the burn pile incident.

I hopped out of bed and set off on my morning walk bright and early.  

Actually, I was quite a bit more like Mr. Hilltop.

Nice hopping.


In truth, I forced myself out the door by 9:00.  It was already over 80 degrees.  Generally I don't venture out to exercise when it's that hot.

Happily, a mere block from my house, a neighbor was having a garbage sale which promptly induced exercisus interruptus.

"Yay to no exercise!" says I.

"Get your fat ass moving again," says my fat ass.

But the garbage sale won.  I spied a little desk/hutch/thing and immediately started mind melding with my new house to see where I could put it.

I have that space to the right earmarked for a little bistro set.
Or possibly a desk/hutch/thing.  

Since I'm now a proud new owner of a desk/hutch/thing, I'm thinking that's what that little nook will start out with.

Anyway, here's my treasure.

I knew I was going to get in trouble for buying more crap, but I forged ahead with reckless abandon.

We've got a storage unit ya know.

I left my treasure in the bed of the truck and waited for Philly to get home.  He noticed something peeking out when he pulled in the drive, but didn't stop to inspect.

In he comes, and after our dog-attack-at-the-door ritual, he inquires, "what's that in the bed of the truck?"

Me:  "OH!  I bought you a present today."

Philly stomps over to the window for a look.


I try and buy him something nice and I'm castigated. 
Heroes are cast as villains, I tell you.

I thought we'd go ahead and take it over to the new house.  It would give me something to tinker with when I find myself with idle hands.

As we unloaded it, Philly had the grace to say, "Well, it really is a pretty cool little piece."


{Until}  Philly:  "I suppose you're going to paint it."


In other news, after working me like a house elf at the new house, in the heat...(for hours), we got in the truck to leave and Philly says,
"You know, I never, ever do...but tonight...I smell you."

I guess my house-elf name is Stinky.

Except Philly keeps insisting on calling me Tooty.

(Shouldn't that be "Tyooty?)


  1. Oh I'd love to get my hands on that desk!!!!!!!!!!
    I'd paint it RED baby RED.............
    I smell myself Andi - not letting John anywhere near me to agree with that fact..........
    It's unbearably hot - 2 baths today - going for a third soon
    It was 80 degrees at 7 this morning - went up to 106 with humidity this afternoon -
    Montreal - and you Americans think of snow when you think of Canada

  2. Well Tyooty, I think your thingy was a deffinat (ok so I don't know how to spell it, and spell check is no help!) Am anxious to see it painted up, it will be perfect!

  3. It's beautiful! And yes - I'd paint it too.

    My husband has actually requested of certain things " please don't paint it." And that kind of promise makes me itch!

    What a great find! Did you get a good deal?

  4. Awesome find, I love when they feel the need to point out things we don't want to know :) Say it after the shower when we smell nice again.

  5. It's been unbearably hot here too!! I'm on the heatwave diet... water and popsicles. It's boring but it's cool. Love your desk thingy! I'd paint it too, but then again I want to paint everything.

  6. I like that desk damn I want a desk like that it is so bloody cute.........

  7. See...this is where I wish I could be crafty and paint and sand and sh*t. That is so flipping cute! But then again, if I was handy, I'd probably need a truck. Minivans aren't good for hauling things. Especially when the kids complain about table legs and such poking them in the head.

    Great find!

  8. Such a great score! Well worth exercisus interruptus (what isn't?) and I can't wait to see how you paint it!! Guys never know when to stop after a complement!!

  9. I like it. I wish my fat ass would give me some encouragement. It fights with my back, which screams at me to SIT DOWN RIGHT NOW.


  10. This entire post I was wondering if you were going to paint it... love that you left that till the end. I can see it looking really awesome with a little paint and some love... it is def. a cool piece!! Of course, you left out how much you paid for it?!

  11. Oh how you crack me up!! I love that little whatever it is! It'll be fun to see what you do with it! :)

  12. Lovely piece, Andi. I just love great finds like that... and I really like that Philly accepted it into the family so readily. :) And garbage sales are the bestest. I haven't been to any this year yet. May have to remedy that soon!

  13. Well, Tooty Tyooty Toot Toot...
    Glad you talked him out of killing you.
    If we were allowed to have garbage sales I would probably walk my fat ass around the neighborhood, too.
    That's going to be a great little accent piece in the new house.
    I bet you could sqeeeeeze a few more things into the storage unit, right?
    I have a sweet little cousin that we call Tootie. She's wonderful. so I say go with it!

  14. I notice that when Philly is angry, he forgets to call you "Little Myoo"!!! Nice piece, I think it'll be perfect on that wall of your new house.

  15. What a cool secretary thingy -- sort of reminds me of Shaker style and mid-century modern -- it's got fabulous lines and love the etched glass in the upper doors! I know lots of people love to paint furniture, but this piece is calling out for a good polishing up and touch-up with furniture marker pens, unless the finish is in worse shape than the photos present, in which case I would probably restain it -- maybe maple on the top and maple and ebony on the legs. Ohh la la! Well, it's not my piece. Wish I had one like it though. I will be eager to see what you do with it. As always, thanks so much for your humor, nothing better than laughing as I'm reading, it's good for the heart.

  16. yay vindication! :) Hey, on the opposite spectrum, my daughter told me how good I smelled the other day...and wouldn't stop sniffing me. :) Guess I smelled damn good.


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