Tuesday, July 9, 2013

emma's room... {the farewell tour part 2}

Emma was 7 years old when we moved into this house.  She inherited my full-size bed and headboard (which totally rocks and I can't wait to use it again in the new house).  She also inherited the quilt I had on the bed (the quilt has finally gone to GoodWillLand).

And some kitty cat wallpaper border.  Well, that was new.

Here's how her room started out.

I apologize for the pics...I took digital pics of printed photos...how times have changed.

See that super-cute cross-stitch project over the bed??  Yeah...I didn't make that.

What is going on with that quilt?  It looks like a giant-country-alien face and I can't believe it didn't swallow my daughter.

I don't think the poster and calendar really match.

And we can't forget the beads in the doorway:

Then the girl wanted "funky and fun."  We did this for her birthday.

I have absolutely no idea which birthday.  Does that make me a horrible mom?  I'm guessing around age 12.  Or 18.

This was when we were getting ready to repaint (again) and realized we had no pictures.

Here's what she got for Round 2. Seriously, it wasn't always this messy.  We were getting ready to paint over all this funkiness...

I can feel you ALL eyeballing that chest of drawers....

For Round 3, she kept the lime green shabby-chic bed stuff, but we toned it down a bit.  And it looked like this:

Finally, I toned it down just a bit more:
(There's the rocking chair Magali!)

See the daisy pillow??  I DID make that.  No pattern.  I have no idea how to read a pattern.  And I made her a matching quilt for her dorm room when she headed off to college.  (In fact, you can check out a whole collection of quilts I made here.)


After all that chaos, this room almost relaxing now.

Did you miss the other parts of the tour?  You can see them here:

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  1. Awww your baby is all grown up, my daughter would totally love the funky feel happening there with the flowers. I have that rocking chair too...I want to paint it, I feel some Annie Sloan coming on!

  2. What a cute room. I love the different versions over the years. My babies live in their own houses now. Sob.


  3. Other than that first rendition, I am down with all those bright colors. Seriously! I could have been so happy in any of those other rooms--the alien quilt, not so much. :) I wish I had photos of all the rooms we have decorated through the years. I am loving these fare-the-well posts about your old place! tm

  4. I had hot pink and turquoise blue beads hanging from my bedroom door as a teen. I can still hear the noise they made. Keep in mind that was in the early 70's.

  5. A couple of the views reminded me of my bedroom when I was a teenager, I could smelll the paint just looking at them! Great transformation!

  6. Oh wow... round 3 reminds me of the my 70s, the 1970s I mean, but sooo in a good way!! You made a pillow without a pattern? That's pure awesomeness!! Love all the bright colours!

  7. I'm totally bummed that you did NOT make that cross-stitch!

  8. I like the after shots the room looks bloody great, I also often scan my old photos onto the computer so I can convert old photos to digital photos..........if that makes any sense

    1. Awesome! You used the word bloody again. :) I don't have a scanner. :( So I make do (doo-doo) with my camera...

  9. Oh, I love how you have photos of her room over the years. She's had quite some paint jobs on that room! I cannot cross-stitch, knit or sew for my life. Kudos to you. :)

  10. Well, you can call me crazy (many people, and my doctor, do) but I'm in love with the "fun and funky" look! How in the world did you paint those curves on the wall???? Details, please! My daughter has given me "permission" (I use the meaning loosley) to paint my rooms as I please. I PLEASE to do something like that! Love it! Dona

    1. Okay, Dona...are you ready? Because this was SO complicated! I used a protractor. =D That's it! I just placed it at the top of the wall at the ceiling and very lightly traced the half-circle shape, then turned it around and traced it the opposite direction. So easy. Then after the entire "line" was drawn down the wall, I just filled it in with paint!

    2. I knew it! You ARE a genius! Thanks so much for sharing, I WILL be doing this! Someday............Dona

    3. hahaha! well as long as YOU think so! :P

  11. ya know my sisters room was similar. "funky" as in orange and purple zig zag stripes on the wall. we JUST repainted this summer... well my dad did...he said it took 3 coats! lol oops.

    good thinking taking photos though...i dont think we did.

  12. Hi, I like the final room, but also liked the fun and funky too. Lime green is energizing.

    1. Philly wanted to paint the walls a neutral color. I said no. :) It's really a very pale purple and it looks cute with the awesome lime green stuff....I guess if whoever buys the house doesn't like it, they can repaint!

  13. So fun to see the changes. Love the lavender with the lime green. I tried to follow you, but it says, "page can not be found". I'll try again.

  14. Wow! That's a lot of makevoers in one room! Girls change their minds so much! I thought that stereo in the corner was a robot...seriously!!

  15. It's fun to look at the transformation at each stage. When my daughter moved downstairs at around age 11 or 12, we did her room in horses (her passion at the time). In high school we completely overhauled it. I've never showed it though.

    Now it's ready for more changes as she is back for the summer from college, and looking to find a year job, possibly in another state, before getting her masters. It will become a guest room (hers when she is home), and possibly a sewing room for me too. It's hard to see our babies grow up :(

    Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


  16. Aww.. How fast time flies! Seeing the evolution of your daughter's room suggests her growth as a woman too! I love that funky room, by the way. I do agree that the lighter shade of paint made the room look more relaxing. That's a good choice of paint color. Good job!
    Leeanne @ Pro Master


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