Saturday, July 6, 2013

windows and sliders and doors...oh my!

This post has a real slider in it, unlike my sliders and roofies post.

Philly thought I was nuts when I said I wanted either French doors or a slider off the back of our bedroom.  Of course, Philly thinks I'm nuts most of the time.

We decided on a slider because it was more cost-effective (I think), and it would provide more stability than French doors (Philly thinks).

Je suis désolé, mes amis français! 

Here it is before installation (those grids are inside the glass, BTW):

And here's Brent standing on Philly's back:

And if Philly were a turtle, I could say that he's got a turtle head pokin' out:

All installed:

Now that we have it installed, he loves it!  How could you not?

Just look at that view!

Oh wait.  Wrong picture.

Look at that view!

There's just something about hearing Philly say, "I'm so glad I listened to you and we put in that slider and it looks incredible and you're a genius and I should never question anything you say ever again and you're the most beautiful woman on the planet..."

But I digress.

If we were going to build this house, we were going to do it right.  And doing it right (according to Philly) is making this sucka TIGHT!  From the 2x6 exterior walls to super-de-duper-high-efficiency windows.

My idea of doing it right is, "Let's make it pretty."

May I introduce the Pella 350 vinyl window.

There are some vinyl windows out there that blow chunks.  Not these. Triple pane baby!

They're King-Kong Strong, as Philly would say.

This house is going to be so tight that mere breathing will suck all the oxygen out of the house and we'll suffocate, and the neighbors will find us being eaten by wild dogs.

Of course, if the dogs could get in, then I guess I won't worry so much about the suffocating part. 

Here's the style we picked out:

Check it out..."Easy-wash, tilt-in sash feature"!!  I really AM a princess!

Oh.  Wait.  Now I have to wash both sides.

Belay my last.

Okay, window pictures!
Piano Room:

2nd Bedroom:

The whole front!

Some interior shots:

Finally, some doors.  My current kitchen-to-deck door faces due south. Which means in the fall (especially) the sun comes in and fries us up like crispy bacon.

Since I don't like being porky, I decided to order my NEW kitchen-to-deck door with a cool shade inside the glass.  How smart am I?  I'm so smart that it didn't really occur to me that since our new door faces northwest, the sun will never even be aware of my new door, let alone seep in and fry me.

But the door is nice.

Finally, the front door.  I wanted something that could loosely be described as Craftsman, but I didn't want the dentil shelf since ours isn't truly a Craftsman-style home.  It will only have a few little touches. 

Philly wanted the door and sidelight to have privacy glass.  I'm not sure what he thinks we're going to be doing in the foyer, but I'm anxious to find out.

It's a Therma-Tru, and the glass we ended up choosing is called Rainwater or Rainglass or something like that.

But I'm definitely calling it Rain Man. 


And he will be painted bright red.  But probably not with Annie Sloan.



  1. Hi Andi, Wow I am amazed at the progress of the house!! Love all the doors and windows. Trying not to be jealous!! Also I like the new look of your blog. Again trying not to be jealous!! Lori

  2. They're gorgeous...the windows not the butt shot LOL Standing on backs...I can see work site safety is of the utmost importance :P

    It's really looking like a true house now, exciting, Im so jealous!!

  3. Do they ever get a clue you're getting butt shots? Hilarious Andi! The house is looking fabulous, and I am all for tilt in windows, it makes cleaning so easy. Love love love your choices so far!

  4. I totally have window envy! We had double hung vinyl windows in our last house and I LOVED THEM! We also had those little blinds in a set of French doors that went out to the sun/spa room. It was nice to be able to close that off when company came--or not. I have new windows on my list of things that would make me happier to stay here in this house. But first, a working dishwasher would be nice! :P

  5. LOVE those windows! A friend of ours has the windows with the blinds inside and they are amazing! And you don't have to worry about dogs, cats, babies, or foolish people messing with them! You are brilliant in your choices! I listen to "Rosy one the House" down here in AZ, and he sez Pella windas (he's from the south) are the best! Yup, you are brilliant! Nice butt shot, girl! Dona

    1. Ha! Awesome! Philly did his research, and those were the only windows he would get! I'll tell him you liked the butt shot. :P

  6. I just painted my front door RED and I love it. So do it if that's what you want. Also it's a sign of hospitality!

  7. Looking good and what bloody great looking windows..............I like mine are boring windows and the view outside them not that great either

    1. Ha! I love the word "bloody"! Please use it more often. :)

  8. It is coming along beautifully. I am like you, doing it right means making it pretty. Good thing for the men. We used to have a house sealed up tight as a drum. We all walked around light headed. Probably the reason our next hose was our current old farmhouse in a corn field where the snow blows in the window gaps during the winter. Right past the new windows. (New wine in old wine skins) Your sliders look great! Love the grids inside. You are a smart woman. My french doors have them on the outside. Obviously with all the extra oxygen we weren't thinking right yet. The frosted glass on your front door is a good idea. You never know when you might answer the door stark naked. You don't want them to see you coming before you actually swing that baby open. Seriously it looks amazing!

  9. that front door would be AMAZING painted red! We have french doors, which we love, but sometimes we think maybe a slider would have been better in the living room to the messes with our furniture layout!

  10. Both those views are pretty darn nice!! I can't believe the progress in such a short time. Love the red door idea! I've never used Annie Sloan so can't help you with that. Tilt in windows are really the way to go. Love the slider!! We don't worry about privacy here in the boonies, the windows are pretty much open here at night. If anything ends up on You Tube someday, maybe we'll get our 15 minutes.

  11. You'll love the shade inside the glass business. I've got it and think it's rad.

  12. You had to do a butt shot didn't you !?!? Ya I wouldn't recommend Annie Sloan for the door maybe chalkboard the interior! Everyone who leaves can leave you a note! - lauren

  13. If I ever build a home...I'm hiring you as a consultant! You are a genius!!

  14. We had been planning to fix our windows for a long time. We just weren't sure which grafts were most suitable and were of the best composition. Our windows have suffered quite a number, due to bad weather and rust. It's probably gonna take a real expert to get them back into shape, but maybe we aren't just looking hard enough for good advice.

  15. Whew, it was a lot of work! It's nice to see that everything is looking great and I believe you made the right decision. The doors and windows look perfect. I can't wait until you finish painting the walls outside. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Gabrielle Jeromy @ Majestic Renovations

  16. The pictures suggest that you've chosen high quality doors and windows. That is one important thing that homeowners should consider. You shouldn't just think of the style, but the quality of materials as well. Choose the one that will benefit you in the long run. Good luck on your home construction. You're almost there!

    Josie Moretti @ North West Exteriors

  17. Hilarious post, love the comments on the pictures! It looks like the guys did a great job doing all the installation, are they available to come work at my house? I am having the darndest time getting it done right. When you find great installers, it makes a world of difference!

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock


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